Friday, February 26, 2021

City of whispers

An occupied city is a quiet city:

DC is a city of whispers and if you're having lunch there (which is a ghost town because no one wants to get their pic taken without a mask) you'll hear curious House members asking why not a single GOP member signed the letter to Biden to take his nuclear button away.

Presumably Pelosi wanted control of the nuclear arsenal and the GOP wasn't interested in giving her the nuclear football. Second, House members are curious why Biden missed the State of the Union address scheduled for the 23rd (the media has kept the cancellation quiet). 

It just keeps getting curiouser, doesn't it? 



Blogger Unknown February 26, 2021 9:11 AM  

Assuming they had the "nuclear football" ... Théâtre.

Blogger Beery Swine February 26, 2021 9:11 AM  

Yep. Curiouser. idk wtf's goin on, I've seen all the tons and tons of fishy things over the past month+, and I just hope and pray that some group of patriots are really in charge behind the scenes while the hollyweird charade of the Boden presidonky is there for them to pretend they're actually doing anything.
I'll say one thing: that ceremony with candles and singing and standing still on the capitol steps earlier definitely seems like some kind of occult and satanic ritual to me.

Blogger Nikolai Collushnikov February 26, 2021 9:17 AM  


Blogger Doktor Jeep February 26, 2021 9:17 AM  

Biden does not have the football. It's not a move to take it away from Biden, just a move to put it back in their hands.
Chances are some COG kicked in and the arsenal is strictly under military control.

Blogger swiftfoxmark2 February 26, 2021 9:21 AM  

So unprecedented. We live in unprecedented times.

Blogger Jeremy V February 26, 2021 9:21 AM  

Oh come now.....just give Ocasio-Cortez the ball......I’m sure it will be fine

Blogger Star Tipper February 26, 2021 9:22 AM  

The Biden excuse sounds like just that. The codes are controlled by what is called the National Command Authority which consists of the President and the Secretary of Defense. We know from testimony that the military has refused to carry out missions directed by Reagan so "blindly" following orders isn't a real issue. It is indeed a curious time.

Blogger Didas Kalos February 26, 2021 9:23 AM  

Whoa! Wait! There was a scheduled state of the (chaotic) union for 2-23?

Blogger Troy Lee Messer February 26, 2021 9:24 AM  

P(edophile)OTUS will be out by the end of summer.

CUNTUS is so in over her head that she likely wont last long either. I hear she is despised by nearly all factions. When Pedo Joe goes, there'll be some internal jockeying and CUNTUS ain't gonna wanna leave after tasting on her current quantums of power

Blogger FUBARwest February 26, 2021 9:29 AM  

Occupied by who is the million dollar question. The Thirty Tyrants posts has me leaning towards China and their servants.

Blogger Daried February 26, 2021 9:31 AM  

Maybe the SOTU is Sunday at CPAC given by DJT?

Blogger TechieDude February 26, 2021 9:34 AM  

We have a Weekend at Bernie's thing going on here.

Can't speak in front of congress because everyone would see the puppet master.

Blogger GeronL February 26, 2021 9:34 AM  

1. It would be very bad precedent for anyone but POTUS having the nuke codes. A bad idea in any case.

2. Biden can't give a coherent speech to save his life. He wouldn't be able to "circle back" on that.

Blogger Silly but True February 26, 2021 9:36 AM  

My brother was deployed back in the 1990s to US Army listening posts based around Camp Castle and on the DMZ that was within viewing of large Nork city. The city was typically empty. It was empty all the time. During regular work days and weeks, tumbleweeds. Periodically though, as if by magic, there would suddenly be crowds of hundreds of thousands of people that would swell overnight to engage in military parades for a couple of days and cheering praise for Kim Jong-il. Then back to being empty.

Blogger Ominous Cowherd February 26, 2021 9:52 AM  

FUBARwest wrote:Occupied by who is the million dollar question.
Not by patriots. Patriots could act openly, and have the support of the vast majority of citizens. These are foreign actors, who know that Biden The Chinese Hand Puppet is more popular than they are.

Blogger Ominous Cowherd February 26, 2021 9:56 AM  

swiftfoxmark2 wrote:So unprecedented. We live in unprecedented times.
We have seen a change in the structure of government - the old power structure has passed, and the new one is taking shape behind the curtains. Some day we may get a clear picture of it, but right now all we can tell is that it is inimical to the American nation, and won't tolerate an honest election.

Somebody crossed the Rubicon, and it wasn't our man.

Blogger The Lab Manager February 26, 2021 10:09 AM  

So pedo-Joe went to Michigan a couple weeks ago and is supposed to come to Texas.

Anyone have any notes on the call sign of the plane he is in or his 'Heels-up' VP?

Blogger Derangement Syndrome February 26, 2021 10:13 AM  

Yep, the Dems would never have the military occupy DC, something BIG is up.

Blogger doofus February 26, 2021 10:13 AM  

Recently, it has been the habit of Congress to skip getting a State of the Union address in election years. The newly elected, or reelected, president gives an inaugural address on January 20, and that is usually in lieu of a State of the Union speech.

From Infogalactic:

The Twentieth Amendment [stablished] January 20 as the beginning of the presidential term. In years when a new president is inaugurated, the outgoing president may deliver a final State of the Union message, but none has done so since Jimmy Carter sent a written message in 1981. In 1953 and 1961, Congress received both a written State of the Union message from the outgoing president and a separate State of the Union speech by the incoming president. Since 1989, in recognition that the responsibility of reporting the State of the Union formally belongs to the president who held office during the past year, newly inaugurated Presidents have not officially called their first speech before Congress a "State of the Union" message.

Blogger kurt9 February 26, 2021 10:28 AM  

It should be obvious why Biden has not done the state of the union address. His age related cognitive decline as reached the point where he is no longer capable of giving any such speech. At this point he could be in a coma for all we know.

Blogger Mario Josipovic February 26, 2021 10:31 AM  

No Presidential address to a joint meeting of Congress? USA Today sets us straight:

Journalism at its finest - don't investigate unusual absences, just set up a straw man proposition and then "fact check" it so the plebes stop questionning.

Blogger Barbarossa February 26, 2021 10:32 AM  

@14 That's the village of Kijong-dong. Your brother would have been remiss if he didn't mention the flagpole war as the ROKs and NORKs engaged in a hotly contested battle to own the pride of having the world's tallest flagpole. When I was last there, I believe the northern pole had bragging rights. Myy understanding is that it no longer owns the title with poles in garden spots like Saudi Arabia having surpassed it.

Blogger Cappuccinobear February 26, 2021 10:33 AM  

Give Brittney the ball!

Blogger Harambe February 26, 2021 10:38 AM  

Since when is there a SOTU address in the first year of a new president's first term?

Which does nothing to detract from the rest of the story, mind. I'm just saying the SOTU thing isn't as weird as they make it out. HOWEVER, Something is indeed weird. Even if it's not the STORM we are expecting, something is off in DC. That much is obvious. Whether it's daddy Trump of president Xi pulling the strings (or Moon Nazis, hell it's 2021 after all!), something not-normal is going on.

Blogger Jack Ward February 26, 2021 10:40 AM  

Yes, things are weird. Personally, I will wait it out until the Ides of March, which is 15 March. According to wiki the Romans considered the Ides of March [actually the ides of any given month] as a day to settle debts. I know the rampant theories are that DJT and the Military will repopulate the White House on March 6, as was required in olden times. I will give them one more week. At that point all bets are off.
Happened to catch, by chance some radio work by EW Erickson, this am. He was talking about how 'robust' America was and how we had a smooth, peaceful transition of power this election cycle. The 2020 national election was anything but peaceful. Low level 4th. war by Antifa/BLM and the deep state. Numerous people killed, perhaps billions in property damage, went on months, few arrests, no control by the so called authorities in most locations, an obvious massive election fraud, robbing an incumbent Trump of what was probably the most massively lopsided election in US history. Peaceful my butt.
We may never have another peaceful transition of power in this country.
An aside. I live in a rural county in the South. With all the crap going on I should be hearing a LOT of weapons fire as folk around here practice, tune up firearms, sight-in, etc. Almost nothing. Millions of guns sold this last year. Ammo is the problem and the deep states main control point. Whatever people around here collected in times past is what they have. No possiblity of resupply I can see. Most of us hope we have enough for at least some gesture of why the 2nd. admendment was voted in. Otherwise, its clubs, hammers, crowbars, whatever. Maybe bows and spears. And, hanging over it all the threat of nuclear retaliation by deep state 'for the good of the country' of course. Want to bet just where such extremes will be used? In ain't gonna be in blue areas.
I hope, if Trump and Military are really able to respond they don't wait much longer. The damage the left is doing may already be irreversable.

Semper Fi

Blogger Elder Son February 26, 2021 10:42 AM  

But of course. And this was never secret. They knew then, and they know now. Everyone knows. And their rabid Satanic hatred for Trump was so great, that they did it anyways, and committed fraud to do it.

Blogger Silly but True February 26, 2021 10:45 AM  

National Command Authority was retired in 2002 after Reagan; it was replaced with direct specific reference to POTUS and SecDef.

It’s not the “football” that is really important; all the football essentially is, is a normally uninterruptible secure comms line. The important part is the “biscuit” — the President’s launch codes. Presumably POTUS could tweet or Tiktok his order for retaliatory strike for inbound missiles or even preemptive nuclear strike, as he could do in person or via White House red phone, or any other number of communications methods such as relayed semaphore from White House balcony to Pentagon or horseback courier. But nothing would be done without his biscuit launch codes.

Blogger gunner451 February 26, 2021 10:52 AM  

Well we all knew that once Biden was elected it would only be a matter of time before Kamel Harris takes over. I imagine that Bidens staff is resisting this as they get free rain to do as they please with Biden since he has long ago mentally checked out.

Blogger Reprehensible Adam February 26, 2021 11:09 AM  

Definitely not the president.
Trump won.

Blogger GregMan February 26, 2021 11:21 AM  

Fake President gonna fake it.

Blogger Macs February 26, 2021 11:35 AM  

Biden is President precisely because he can be relied upon to embrace the role of figurehead. I don't think he wants power at all, he's too far gone. But there is a power in control of DC: satan.

Blogger Arthur Isaac February 26, 2021 11:38 AM  

@Mario, the thing Is like USA today to fact check is the Capitol Police Chief and her claims that there is apparently actionable Intel on a plot against the Capitol during a potential SOTU, but no action.

Blogger Lazarus February 26, 2021 11:38 AM  

he important part is the “biscuit”

So who bakes the biscuit. This is the vital piece of missing information.

Blogger English Tom February 26, 2021 11:42 AM  


China is just a proxy for the banksteins.

Blogger Newscaper312 February 26, 2021 11:51 AM  

Agree that an SOTU in new Presidents first year is not a thing. Certainly not in February.

Blogger DrivingDissent February 26, 2021 11:55 AM  

Much of the early research into senility and Alzheimer's involved the use of stimulants amphetamines... They proved to work very well but they greatly accelerated the rate of cognitive decline... I suspect this us why Biden can only perform occasionally.

Blogger phil g February 26, 2021 11:59 AM  

Thomas Wictor has an interesting theory on what's going. A clandestine and constitional devolution triggered by the foreign assisted theft of the election.

Blogger xevious2030 February 26, 2021 12:00 PM  

Wow, pressure to give up the ability to unilaterally launch nuclear weapons. Imagine that.

That the GOP did not sign on at all, is interesting. No doubt the GOP is waiting for a more stately and independent, worldly minded approach.

It’s almost like moving in the direction to set a former singular Head of State/Government, no names Obama, up in the UN, and give him one third of each code so that and US, specifically US launches, can be vetted, to assure no unhinged, accidental, or disproportionate preemptive/retaliatory first/latter strike by the US. Others would sign on, but winks and hidden handshakes rule.

This is one of those red lines, where you stay in the game, or you’re out.

Blogger phil g February 26, 2021 12:00 PM  

Ding ding ding

Blogger Didas Kalos February 26, 2021 12:00 PM  

@kurt9. you means dat he ain't been in one for da last year?

Blogger Didas Kalos February 26, 2021 12:04 PM  

What's this "heels up" thing? Doesn't camelah wear converse?

Blogger Ominous Cowherd February 26, 2021 1:02 PM  

phil g wrote:A clandestine and constitional devolution ...
The longer it's kept secret, the more normies will believe that the election and the Resident are legitimate. Secrecy would be counter-productive, if it were a constitutional action by patriots.

Blogger wgmeisheid February 26, 2021 1:20 PM  

While it is a bit of speculation I believe Biden’s performance in the debates was amped up by adrenachrome, but if we are to believe what’s being said the supply has been dramatically reduced and maybe they couldn’t get enough for him to get the SOTU address.

Blogger T.L. Ciottoli February 26, 2021 1:43 PM  

All very ghey.

Blogger Avalanche February 26, 2021 2:23 PM  

@41 "What's this "heels up" thing? Doesn't camelah wear converse? "

No one has noticed; the dirty kneepads are too distracting...

Blogger Dan in Georgia February 26, 2021 2:32 PM  

Eric Erickson is the everything wrong with zio-con evangelo-clownism all in one fat bloated animated corpse. Every show he mentions how he’s going to divinity school (of course with his Schofield bible) and goes on about microbrews he’s samples lately. Then there’s his tut-tutting TDS because of Trump’s divorces. Unlistenable. That he replaced Neal Boortz is sad. At least Boortz could be funny on occasion, but his Scott Adams-like abortion stance, (anytime for any reason) made him unbearable in the south. WSB radio hates southerners and will never have an on-air host that shares our values.

Blogger john jay February 26, 2021 2:36 PM  

what's curious about biden being incapacitated, e.g., swiss cheese for brains, and more than just a bit looney tunes? kamala harris will be president in about two months, give or take a month.

Blogger Silly but True February 26, 2021 3:21 PM  


Blogger Anon February 26, 2021 3:30 PM  

What makes you say that? Plenty more are thinking it was rigged because of genera distrust in the media combined with such unilateral “support” of it. Why would the Party act so suddenly, in such panic, if it were in control? They’ve been playing the long boil for years. The current actions feel more like they’re trying to start the next civil war immediately.
Moreover, what benefit would coming out of the shadows prove for patriots before whatever their plan is, if there really are any patriots in control/working? That just triggers the Antifa mob to go riot again and the rest of the Party to cut and run.

Blogger JWM in SD February 26, 2021 4:02 PM  

Yeah, out of everything so far since 20 JAN, the lack of SoTU and Pelosi seeking the nuke codes is quite possibly the most intriguing and simultaneously alarming. Something is definitely not right.

Blogger Didas Kalos February 26, 2021 5:49 PM  

@wgmeisheid. which Biden? The real one or his double with dark eyes and different ears/nose.

Blogger xevious2030 February 26, 2021 7:44 PM  

“in such panic”

These people play on both sides, off a script. There is not panic, but disorder, which suggests something different. If their actions do not match the situation in proportionality, consider the script called for the proportionality being displayed. They’re not good with real.

Blogger Dire Badger February 26, 2021 9:28 PM  

There are no Americans above O-6
Every one of them owes allegiance exclusively to whatever contractor they are going to lobby for post-retirement, and they all betray their oaths.
They are Citizens of the banking cartels that own the Contractors. And they are pleased as punch that everything is going back to business as usual for them and their nest egg.

Blogger TiredPoorHungry February 26, 2021 11:14 PM  

Just checked John Sullivan's' SJW Ninja Lives Matter site "Insurgence USA". They are funded by Patreon and PayPal.

Blogger TiredPoorHungry February 26, 2021 11:21 PM  

The left is so lame. It was bad enough when Darth Bader Ginsburg wouldn't show up for the SOTU address now they can't get their Presidential Meat Puppet to show up either. Why can't his wife just circle back and do it?

Blogger James Dixon February 27, 2021 7:32 AM  

> Whoa! Wait! There was a scheduled state of the (chaotic) union for 2-23?

Can you imagine the media reaction if Trump had failed to give a scheduled State of the Union address?

Now? Crickets.

Blogger HalfElf February 27, 2021 9:03 AM  

Boortz abortion stance was it was not a topic for discussion on his program. His beliefs were not an issue he knew the local stan a and chose not to air personal issues on open forums.
He was honest about the fact he took a kernel of truth and spun a shell of bullshit around it to keep his audience interested, and was very good at it in my opinion.

Blogger James Fox Higgins March 01, 2021 5:12 AM  

@26 "... these millstones..."

What is it with the Biblical Freudian slips and this guy? He's the most plain-sight Satanist ever, but I think it's the dementia.

Elder Son wrote:But of course. And this was never secret. They knew then, and they know now. Everyone knows. And their rabid Satanic hatred for Trump was so great, that they did it anyways, and committed fraud to do it.

Blogger OneWingedShark March 01, 2021 12:02 PM  

Ominous Cowherd wrote:phil g wrote:A clandestine and constitutional devolution…
The longer it's kept secret, the more normies will believe that the election and the Resident are legitimate. Secrecy would be counter-productive, if it were a constitutional action by patriots.

This is one thing that works against the Q narrative that "patriots in control" or that the Q-followers use to justify the "McCain proof" — the attribute of 'secrecy' undermines both in the contexts they are presented.
The "secret not-president Biden"/"Military control" story and the "secret execution of John McCain" story both fly in the face of classical American Jurisprudence which, thanks to being descended from English Jurisprudence is older than the United States: that secret trials (and secret executions) are, on their face, contrary to the principles of Justice.

In fact, if the military had stepped in and said "we're going to investigate the election, and if it was fraudulent we will kill the perpetrators and run an honest election" would be far less damaging to the legitimacy of the government-as-an-institution than what we have with the presidency now.

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