Thursday, April 29, 2021

Excising social justice at Basecamp

 A few smart corporations are finally beginning to grasp that convergence is corporate cancer that will destroy their businesses and are actively attempting to surgically remove the SJWs that infest them. Basecamp has taken a strong anti-social justice stance that might just turn things around there:

1. No more societal and political discussions on our company Basecamp account. Today's social and political waters are especially choppy. Sensitivities are at 11, and every discussion remotely related to politics, advocacy, or society at large quickly spins away from pleasant. You shouldn't have to wonder if staying out of it means you're complicit, or wading into it means you're a target. These are difficult enough waters to navigate in life, but significantly more so at work. It's become too much. It's a major distraction. It saps our energy, and redirects our dialog towards dark places. It's not healthy, it hasn't served us well. And we're done with it on our company Basecamp account where the work happens. People can take the conversations with willing co-workers to Signal, Whatsapp, or even a personal Basecamp account, but it can't happen where the work happens anymore. Update: David has shared some more details and more of the internal announcement on his HEY World blog.

2. No more paternalistic benefits. For years we've offered a fitness benefit, a wellness allowance, a farmer's market share, and continuing education allowances. They felt good at the time, but we've had a change of heart. It's none of our business what you do outside of work, and it's not Basecamp's place to encourage certain behaviors — regardless of good intention. By providing funds for certain things, we're getting too deep into nudging people's personal, individual choices. So we've ended these benefits, and, as compensation, paid every employee the full cash value of the benefits for this year. In addition, we recently introduced a 10% profit sharing plan to provide direct compensation that people can spend on whatever they'd like, privately, without company involvement or judgement.

3. No more committees. For nearly all of our 21 year existence, we were proudly committee-free. No big working groups making big decisions, or putting forward formalized, groupthink recommendations. No bureaucracy. But recently, a few sprung up. No longer. We're turning things back over to the person (or people) who were distinctly hired to make those decisions. The responsibility for DEI work returns to Andrea, our head of People Ops. The responsibility for negotiating use restrictions and moral quandaries returns to me and David. A long-standing group of managers called "Small Council" will disband — when we need advice or counsel we'll ask individuals with direct relevant experience rather than a pre-defined group at large. Back to basics, back to individual responsibility, back to work.

4. No more lingering or dwelling on past decisions. We've become a bit too precious with decision making over the last few years. Either by wallowing in indecisiveness, worrying ourselves into overthinking things, taking on a defensive posture and assuming the worst outcome is the likely outcome, putting too much energy into something that only needed a quick fix, inadvertently derailing projects when casual suggestions are taken as essential imperatives, or rehashing decisions in different forums or mediums. It's time to get back to making calls, explaining why once, and moving on.

5. No more 360 reviews. Employee performance reviews used to be straightforward. A meeting with your manager or team lead, direct feedback, and recommendations for improvement. Then a few years ago we made it hard. Worse, really. We introduced 360s, which required peers to provide feedback on peers. The problem is, peer feedback is often positive and reassuring, which is fun to read but not very useful. Assigning peer surveys started to feel like assigning busy work. Manager/employee feedback should be flowing pretty freely back and forth throughout the year. No need to add performative paperwork on top of that natural interaction. So we're done with 360s, too.

6. No forgetting what we do here. We make project management, team communication, and email software. We are not a social impact company. Our impact is contained to what we do and how we do it. We write business books, blog a ton, speak regularly, we open source software, we give back an inordinate amount to our industry given our size. And we're damn proud of it. Our work, plus that kind of giving, should occupy our full attention. We don't have to solve deep social problems, chime in publicly whenever the world requests our opinion on the major issues of the day, or get behind one movement or another with time or treasure. These are all important topics, but they're not our topics at work — they're not what we collectively do here. Employees are free to take up whatever cause they want, support whatever movements they'd like, and speak out on whatever horrible injustices are being perpetrated on this group or that (and, unfortunately, there are far too many to choose from). But that's their business, not ours. We're in the business of making software, and a few tangential things that touch that edge. We're responsible for ourselves. That's more than enough for us.

Of course, the SJWs are trying to hold their ground, utilizing the popular "you are the problem" defense, complete with a nuclear MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. quote. Damn, they really aren't pulling any punches, are they? What's crazy is that this tactic actually works in some corporate circles instead of simply getting the lunatic fired for insubordination.

Jason and David, I believe that your recent company policy changes are both terrible and redeemable. But to be redeemable, you first must recognize that you are a BIG part of the problem. That you too perpetrate the myth that some people deserve to oppress and repress others. Once you hold yourselves publicly self-accountable, then the next step is transparency. Show us all the warts along with the unblemished skin. And from there, we can go about healing Basecamp.

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Blogger The Observer April 29, 2021 6:39 AM  

Now the only question that remains is: will they cuck or not?

Blogger Unknown April 29, 2021 6:45 AM  

Detroit is paying pastors $50 for each of their parishioners they bring to get the shots. They are also having the basketball team doing rallies to get blacks to take the shot.

As for the main thrust of this point--would your employer fire you if you said "All lives matter?" Or would you just get suspended?

Years ago I knew an attorney who did outside defense for a very large corporation, along with probably 100 others in the state. He was on the library board for a metropolitan system. The system was running out of money.

He suggested cutting the payments to the pastors--each black pastor would set up a room with a few shelves the library would stock with children's books, and pay the pastor 50k a year to run the informal lending library.

The pastors had him fired from legal work for the corporation with less effort than I make ordering groceries on shipt.

I always remember that whenever I am tempted to say something intelligent.

Blogger Balkan Yankee April 29, 2021 6:49 AM  

From woke to awake.


Blogger Daniele Grech Pereira April 29, 2021 6:50 AM  

"So we've ended these benefits, and, as compensation, paid every employee the full cash value of the benefits for this year."

Very cool. I see some good leadership here.

Blogger RedJack April 29, 2021 7:02 AM  

360 reviews are often the way gammas try to attack others.
I applaud Basecamp for appearing to actually just want to work

Blogger Sargent.matrim April 29, 2021 7:03 AM  

That SJW response is so sickening, it almost feels like satire. Who offers to heal their company like that? What a weird thing to say.

Blogger Doktor Jeep April 29, 2021 7:04 AM  

How wormtongued the response. It would be easier to just fire them.
Even easier to put these people in in-patient care as functional civilizations once known to do.

Blogger FUBARwest April 29, 2021 7:06 AM  

Good for them and theres hoping they don't back down to the screechers they have awakened.

Blogger basementhomebrewer April 29, 2021 7:12 AM  

Excerpt from the SJW response.

As you know, I am writing this while on medical leave from Basecamp, a condition that was necessary in large part because of the extreme emotional duress I have experienced as an employee at the company

Quelle Surprise! She isn't even doing any work. If this "medical condition" was indeed caused by great emotional stress from work, most people would find a new job long before needing to take it. What a leech.

I am guessing they got a little room to breathe when she went on leave, realized her and her behavior were the problem at the company, and made this announcement. I feel a bit bad for them because they are stuck with her till her leave runs out. Her response deserves an immediate firing with a public verbal beat down.

Blogger ButcherBear April 29, 2021 7:12 AM  

Well at least it will be easy to figure out who needs to be purged when the tremendous screeching feedback begins.

Blogger Ken Prescott April 29, 2021 7:15 AM  

The 360 review was, in the hands of an SJW reviewer, a means of gathering wood for the auto-da-fe.

(What's an auto-da-fe? It's what you oughtn't to do, but you do anyway!)

Blogger JamesB.BKK April 29, 2021 7:16 AM  

Non-profit chicks are so tiresome, often billowing aimless, empty, exaggerated, and misleading self-promotion. Taking to the fainting couch and still writing a letter all about her is priceless though. Caricatureiffic.

Blogger M In The 517 April 29, 2021 7:20 AM  

The unbridled arrogance of social justice nazis throwing about that term "healing".

Healing = submit to the convergence lest the social justice nazis resort to more aggressive actions, such as cancelling, boycotts, doxxing, and then even dIrEcT aCtIoN.

Blogger Nate April 29, 2021 7:25 AM  

"Show us all the warts along with the unblemished skin. And from there, we can go about healing Basecamp."

The only appropriate response to this is "You're fired."

Blogger Steve Canyon April 29, 2021 7:29 AM  

Sounds like the boss needs to send this Florence Nightingale of SJW's to someplace better suited for their healing talents. Like CHAS or that shrine they just set up in Minnesota.

Blogger Dwayne Thundergrit April 29, 2021 7:32 AM  

Show us the warts?

On a large bulletin board or suitable empty wall in the cafeteria or most used entry lobby with a large picture of Obi Wan Kenobi saying, "These are the warts you're looking for" surrounded by a photo of everyone who signs that letter

Blogger furor kek tonicus ( LeMoron James loves knife murder ) April 29, 2021 7:38 AM  

"We've become a bit too precious"

indeed, that could be applied as a description of the entire US.

so what is the SJW response? dial the precious up to 11.

Blogger Shane Bradman April 29, 2021 7:39 AM  

Ah yes, an employee on "medical leave" because of "emotional duress". Being unable to cope with working is not medical leave. I hope this employee is fired immediately for trying to damage the reputation of the company.

Blogger C April 29, 2021 7:39 AM  

Man, that response is embarrassingly smug.

Blogger johndoe03526 April 29, 2021 7:44 AM  

Didn't Coinbase do something similar? Purge their SJWs.

Blogger Kraemer April 29, 2021 7:48 AM  

The arrogance of the SJW response is insane. Respondent appears to legitimately think they're the ones in charge. Any sane leader would fire this individual and post their arrogance on the main site as a warning.

Blogger xevious2030 April 29, 2021 7:50 AM  

“That you too perpetrate the myth that some people deserve to oppress and repress others.”

And some people perpetuate the myth that they deserve to colonize the company by culturally appropriating other peoples jobs.

Blogger Newscaper312 April 29, 2021 7:51 AM  

That lunatic sounds like the bizarro world version of normally good things like ownership and engagement, where ownership means aligned w the bigger mission and taking responsibility for your piece of it, and maybe care a bit more than just what's in your narrow job description.
This is like they literally think they "own" it, like some early Soviet workers committee, w a dose of therapeutic psychi-babble on top.

Blogger Mr.MantraMan April 29, 2021 7:51 AM  

Good luck to the gents. I read her piece one of the things that assisted in breaking her was after Jan 6th beginning with the persecution of right wing dissidents she had to deal with people from our side asking the simple question if the company supported free speech.

IMO most of the SJW foot soldiers should be treated like mental patients then disqualified from anything in life more than picking up litter on my bike paths, I like clean bike paths.

Blogger riverrider April 29, 2021 7:54 AM  

it'd be nice to kidnap the sjw queen and let her wake up in the middle of Somalia. see how sjw she is then.

Blogger Lazarus April 29, 2021 8:02 AM  

The response is standard Maoist Struggle Session boilerplate.

Confess your sins, heretic.

Blogger Paulito April 29, 2021 8:13 AM  

Gee, why does that thing want to work for people who are "a BIG part of the problem"? Sounds like it should go find a job somewhere else.

Blogger tdcommenter April 29, 2021 8:17 AM  

@13 The arrogance stems from the visceral need to heal herself. She projects. It is her hollowness that drives her try to shame & coerce the company into convergence. Imposing her view of how things should be is what gives her meaning & temporarily stops the feelings of meaninglessness & emptiness.

@24 They are more likely to litter or defecate on your path.

Blogger Gon Freecs April 29, 2021 8:20 AM  

Next step: No more personal Basecamp accounts

Blogger Karen took the Kids April 29, 2021 8:23 AM  

Sack that employee who responded immediately anyway and then hold your ground. Encouraging to see.

Blogger Feurfeur April 29, 2021 8:25 AM  

Why the hell do people even listen to these clearly mentally-ill people? Baffles me. "On medical leave" for "emotional duress". Yeah, right.

Blogger Jpc April 29, 2021 8:26 AM  

Sensible take on company expectations.
Keep your batshit crazy SJW progressive ideology off work time or fuck off!
No more stupid perks for same.

Blogger Gettimothy April 29, 2021 8:33 AM  

I hope nodding my head in agreement and grunts of approval are offensive ; I like oppressing the easily grieved.

Blogger Unknown April 29, 2021 8:38 AM  

We must continue navel gazing and using osmosis the fluff will dissipate, we just need to put all of our time and energy into that fluff, not your pesky work assignments JASON AND DAVID, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Blogger Azure Amaranthine April 29, 2021 8:47 AM  

"the myth that some people deserve to oppress and repress others"

Some people, case in point the writer of the above piece of filth, need and deserve to be oppressed and repressed. Therefore other people have a duty to repress them, even before their right to repress and oppress such wormtongues in self-defense.

The courts will not, the press will not, so how then will they be oppressed? I think the "victims" doth protest too much. It's very feminine! They complain most about what they need most. It's a shit test.

Blogger theartistformerlyknownasgeorge April 29, 2021 8:50 AM  


The now novel idea of just doing your damned job well being the purpose.

Imagine that?

Blogger Jeff Weimer April 29, 2021 8:53 AM  

"We were just getting started with the DEI Council, just putting in place inclusive processes and structures for decision-making, with our first steering committee meeting to happen sometime later this month or early next."

She was plotting a coup in the company, to make it impossible to do anything without her say-so. Note her snide "our-I-Mean-your company' comments.

Blogger Taqiyyotomist April 29, 2021 8:53 AM  

First, Coinbased. Now, Basedcamp. What's next? Major League Basedball?

Blogger Azure Amaranthine April 29, 2021 8:58 AM  

This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger Darwin is a Harsh Mistress April 29, 2021 9:08 AM  

Bruh if Jane worked for me . . .

"Feel free to make your own Basecamp. You're fired."

Blogger Azure Amaranthine April 29, 2021 9:08 AM  

Repeat it again and again. The "oppressed" doth protest too much. Clearly they have less oppression than they want and need, when they must talk about it where only the opposite of it exists. Clearly if there are still complaints, the situation needs fixing. Make them honest retroactively. Oppress them as they tell you you must be!

"Jason and David, I believe that your recent company policy changes are both terrible and redeemable. But to be redeemable, you first must recognize that you are a BIG part of the problem. That you too perpetrate the myth that some people deserve to oppress and repress others. Once you hold yourselves publicly self-accountable, then the next step is transparency. Show us all the warts along with the unblemished skin. And from there, we can go about healing Basecamp."

Dear author, your existence per your actions is both terrible and redeemable. But to be redeemable, you first must recognize that you are the ENTIRE problem. That you love to perpetuate the myth that you are not an unrepentant sinner, having earned death, and deserving of immediate punishment. Once you recognize yourself as eternally hell-accountable, then the next step is repentance. Admit to your filth and ask Jesus for his payment for it -- there is no unblemished skin of you. From there, God can go about healing you and freeing you of your ceaseless wickedness.

Regardless your response, you are requested to tender your resignation immediately, and if you do not decide to cooperate, your employment will be unilaterally aborted. Thanks for self-identifying!

~A most appropriate response.

Blogger PTW April 29, 2021 9:23 AM  

Apart from Andrea's ongoing DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) work there is much to cheer, but none more so than this observation from the invalid in response:

> Then the January 6, 2021 insurrection occurred and we began seeing more customer support cases asking about whether Basecamp “discriminated” against its customers. Whether it supported “free speech”.

That's the masses refusing to accept the narrative and understanding the direction of play.

Blogger Solon April 29, 2021 9:25 AM  

How about: "We'll happily show off the warts. Here's a mirror, the warts are there."

But that's just my petty side. "You're fired" is much more to the point.

Blogger Gallant April 29, 2021 9:31 AM  

SDL - you and yours should offer some sort of 'anti-diversity consulting' services. I'm guessing you could have warned on the contents of the SJW shriek response before it even arrived. After reading your books and blogs, I probably could have too.

I guess the real service would be helping them put together a list of cancerous cells, and offering advice on how to send those cells on their way to infest some other company.

Blogger SaltHarvest April 29, 2021 10:01 AM  

Kraemer wrote:The arrogance of the SJW response is insane. Respondent appears to legitimately think they're the ones in charge. Any sane leader would fire this individual and post their arrogance on the main site as a warning.

Of course. An insular worldview is prone to wishful thinking, like the following:

Wishing you clarity, compassion, and humanity,
A time comes when silence is betrayal.
Martin Luther King, April 4, 1967
It shouldn’t feel like an act of bravery for a teammate to say when something doesn’t feel right. It should feel like everyone’s expected duty.
Janice Burch, February 12, 2018

There is some irony in her request here. If she desires for her coworkers to speak vigorously about the wrongness in their midst, may the Lord's volunteers answer her in full, though she may appreciate it not. After all, who would want to be betrayed by silence?

Blogger Stryker4570 April 29, 2021 10:02 AM  

@20 Yes, the CoinBase CEO decided to get off the corporate SJW highway and actually paid those who were 'uncomfortable' with his decision to leave. I got in on their recent IPO and bought some shares. Looking forward to good things to come, both from CoinBase and Crypto/Defi in general.

Blogger Boo Boo the Fool, Esquire April 29, 2021 10:07 AM  

It's too late. BDS is the rule for all corporations, and many of us will never rest until every corporation is utterly DESTROYED. They served Satan and looked the other way when the public was being tortured. They will never be trusted, they will never be forgiven, they can never come back. We don't want their stock, we want their hard assets from liquidation. We don't want to sell our ideas to them for big money, we want to watch them die from thirst.

Blogger Kelly April 29, 2021 10:14 AM  

The way she words her statement, she casts herself in the role of God able to forgive and redeem, requesting confession and repentance. It's blasphemous.

Blogger Ahuehuete April 29, 2021 10:14 AM  

I always thought 360's were back stabbing fests.

Blogger Merely a traveller April 29, 2021 10:15 AM  

you fire her support structure, so when leave is over there is no one there to welcome her back

Blogger Homesteader April 29, 2021 10:17 AM  

Shit testing the Alpha males, creating drama for attention, citing problems where none exist- I can see the soiled cat box and empty wine bottles now.

What proportion of the SJW sub-population are childless, over-thirty, cat women/wine aunt types?

A sad, wasted life of SSRIs and endless blog posts, all in a futile attempt to drown out the haunting cries of the children they aborted (or never conceived in the first place), and the aching memories of the Chads who left them behind for greener, lusher pastures.

Woman, unmoored and adrift.

Blogger SaltHarvest April 29, 2021 10:18 AM  

@43 It's not petty. She asked for clarity. It would be uncharitable to deny her.

Blogger Canadian Warlord April 29, 2021 10:30 AM  

Basecamp could have saved many words by making it rain pink slips followed by quietly executing all the woke initiatives. Sometimes silence speaks volumes. Why attempt logical discourse with retards?

Blogger Bigger Bunyip April 29, 2021 10:32 AM  

Jane makes my skin crawl. Her whole letter is worth a read is it is just amazing, as is her bio at

Blogger I’ve Seen Things You People Wouldn’t Believe April 29, 2021 10:44 AM  

The sperg-out of the SJW is amazing. Only an SJW could write an 1,170 word response to an 816 word memo.

And nowhere in her condescending drivel is the simple response of quitting a job she doesn't like.

Blogger blixo April 29, 2021 10:48 AM  

Another homowoko take on basecamp from some garbage blog called "Net API Notes":

I am proud of the diverse team I built at my previous employer. However, like all that it is worth doing, it comes at a cost. It requires so much more than pithy statements like "hire for culture add, not culture fit". As a heterosexual cis white man, it means I must do the hard work of discovering my prejudices and preconceptions. It means I must acknowledge the role privilege has played in my life. It means sitting with my discomfort and having hard conversations. It means it is my responsibility, not the job of "a token minority friend", to educate myself. Most of all, it means not prioritizing the comfort of my norms over others, even if I have hierarchal sway over them.

The owners of Basecamp stated that they are not willing to do that work. It is more expedient to leave their employees to fend off political ramifications by themselves, except when said politics align with Basecamp's product differentiation ("topics like antitrust, privacy, employee surveillance"). "Give me your labor but don't bother me with the burden you carry" is executive fiat of the most arrogant kind.

I have no idea what any of this means.

Blogger Karen took the Kids April 29, 2021 10:54 AM  


Blogger TechieDude April 29, 2021 10:55 AM  

I've been in more than a few companies that nipped this stuff in the bud, having meetings with the CEO flat out saying focus on what we do, knock off the other stuff. Do your jobs, do your hobbies on your own time.

Sadly, bigrainbowcorp that I work for is wrapped deep in this silliness. Every all hands call will wrap up the perinent news in the first 20 minutes with the rest of the hour filled with some therapuetic babbling. COVID made them move out of their stodgy work practices and adopt tech and processes others have been using for a decade.

Last week's offering was navel gazing about the stress of web meetings, and how to cope. eesh..

Blogger pyrrhus April 29, 2021 11:13 AM  

@49. I too have always seen 360's as mainly a chance for backstabbing, though it's only a minority who do it..

Blogger Dave April 29, 2021 11:14 AM  

Quote: "you are the problem" defense, complete with a nuclear MARTIN LUTHER KING JR."

To that I'd say, start your own company and get out. If you work for ours, pick up your cheque at the end of the day, you're fired. Secondly, it's about time common sense and real men took hold of what they built and remove it from the hands of the destructive intolerant dycks that operate under the illusion that businesses are anti-social constructs of republican power to be crushed by whiny and thoughtless do nothings.

Blogger Dave April 29, 2021 11:17 AM  

I think that North Face was the writing on the wall.

Blogger pyrrhus April 29, 2021 11:25 AM  

The bottom line is that whoever hired this demented woman (and who needs women in a tech company, anyway?)made an extremely bad mistake and probably needs to be fired along with her...HR is the enemy in most companies..

Blogger ThatWouldBeTelling April 29, 2021 11:34 AM  

Fascinating; a bit of search reminds me that Basecamp, formerly 37signals, is the source of Ruby on Rails (RoR). While node.js and Rust are serious competition, there's probably no more SJW infested software community than that one, which makes it particularly easy to develop a Minimum Viable Product for a web application with a backing database. The favorite middleware of Coraline Ada Ehmke, also based in Chicago, the infamous tranny who's currently the single most destructive figure in Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) with "her" Contributor Covenant.

I wonder how much the company contributed to that; it's not automatic since superficially easy to use software like Ruby on Rails and node.js attracts entryists. Mozilla told us a lot when they hired Steve Klabnik, a man who's on record desiring a violent "tech antifa" movement and a classic entryist in the RoR community to document and be the public face of Rust. Which was Not Even Wrong because weak inexperienced web programmers are not competent to deal with a very hard core systems programming language, the same niche as C/C++.

Blogger SciVo April 29, 2021 11:41 AM  

I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out that Jason and David talked Jane into thinking that taking medical leave was her own idea.

Blogger ThatWouldBeTelling April 29, 2021 11:46 AM  

and who needs women in a tech company, anyway?

Companies big enough the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission can and might take an interest in. And it gets worse:

"In 2011, the Commission included "sex-stereotyping" of lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals as a form of sex discrimination illegal under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In 2012, the Commission expanded protection provided by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to transgender status and gender identity. In 2015, it concluded that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 doesn't allow sexual orientation discrimination in employment because it is a form of sex discrimination. However, these rulings, while persuasive, are not binding on courts, and would need to be addressed by the Supreme Court for a final decision."

Which of course happened last year in R.G. & G.R. Harris Funeral Homes Inc. v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, thank you Gorsuch and Roberts, although that was before RBG officially died, so only one was needed. Still, it's useful to know Gorsuch is fully on board with globohomo and World War T. And see how so much of the GOPe is squeeing at the prospect of "Caitlyn" Jenner running for governor of California.

Blogger RobertT April 29, 2021 11:47 AM  

If they lose the corporations & their leaders, we will win the way. First sign of hope I've seen.

Blogger Elder Son April 29, 2021 11:47 AM  

Feelings. Feelings everywhere!

In all my years through school, we never had a group hug. Then in my 12th year, "WTF is all this about?" Group hugs abound. And it has been going down hill since. Feelings. "Wait! Wait every-body! I have a feel! Group hug!" America desperately needs a catastrophic wake-up man-up or shrivel and die culling.

Blogger pyrrhus April 29, 2021 11:51 AM  

O/T Interesting piece by Sara Hoyt..

Blogger Chris Lopes April 29, 2021 11:53 AM  

"It's none of our business what you do outside of work, and it's not Basecamp's place to encourage certain behaviors"

Now that's just crazy talk.

Blogger Jpc April 29, 2021 11:54 AM  

Lucky for us I think!

Blogger artensoll April 29, 2021 11:54 AM  

@56 blixo "I have no idea what any of this means."

It means he's gay.

Blogger VFM Bear April 29, 2021 11:58 AM  

@56 blixo, I read that as please eat me last.

Blogger AzDesertRat April 29, 2021 12:07 PM  

The company that I will shortly be exiting from has gone full SJW in the last 12 months. The CEO sent out a lengthy email extolling the virtues of diversity back around the new year and immediately after that the VP of HR announced that the corporation had hired a "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion" consultant. Did some research on said consultant and she's such a stereotypical SJW it would put The Onion to shame. Female, Overweight, White, lives in a high cost majority white suburb, Not Married... etc, etc. My location was picked to be the initial launch location of the initiative which included a two hour video conference on DEI and then one on ones with the consultant. Meanwhile, the site is losing 4 million dollars a quarter and shedding talent faster than they can create the job postings to back fill. Get woke, go broke indeed.

Blogger The Last Roman April 29, 2021 12:07 PM  

What sane individual thinks this way?

"That you too perpetrate the myth that some people deserve to oppress and repress others. Once you hold yourselves publicly self-accountable, then the next step is transparency. Show us all the warts along with the unblemished skin. And from there, we can go about healing Basecamp."

Blogger Karen took the Kids April 29, 2021 12:08 PM  

Yeesh. I think I need reparations after following the link. Why do I always follow the link.

Blogger kmbr April 29, 2021 12:20 PM  

The company I work for needs to do this. Pronto.

Blogger Based Boomer April 29, 2021 12:23 PM  

Reads a lot like projection! This neo Manchu is oppressing the company's main goals, and trying to repress any policies that get back to sanity that are NON-POLITICAL. Vox Day is really right about this, only complete submission satisfies these demons.

Blogger Christina April 29, 2021 12:59 PM  

This is refreshing! I managed to exit the corporate world before the SJW stuff infiltrated it, but I saw it affect my friends and family. I had a relative start posting about her "privilege" on social media after attending a corporate retreat and I thought -- uh oh. I hope more companies follow Basecamp's new, sane approach. Where work is just work again.

Blogger William April 29, 2021 1:02 PM  

Butt-hurt SJW Jane Yang evidently went to Princeton.

Never, ever hire Ivy-Leaguers.

Blogger Dafo April 29, 2021 1:12 PM  

Vox, you made my year. These guys are very influential so it's encouraging. Maybe the fact that converged comapnies are now distributing 1984-style dictionaries of words their employees can and can't say will further encourage companies to either jump off the ledge or move the heck away from it and fire anyone who wants to jump.

Blogger Star Tipper April 29, 2021 1:16 PM  

I recall a similar situation where a new leader announced a change in culture. In this case it was an AF colonel taking over a multi-service R&D outfit. The change was from a pie-in-the-sky R&D organization to one focused on the current needs of the user. He declared this on day one and made clear that anyone who was not interested in this could transition elsewhere with no prejudice. In fact he would help them. Then he waited for the rebellion. When it happened he selected the highest ranking (LtCol) AF rebel and publicly had him fired and forced to retire. That "head on a pike" method quelled the rest of the reluctant folks. Basecamp will now have to do a similar execution and it should be a white male (assuming the leaders are white male) to be effective.

Blogger Crunchy Cachalot April 29, 2021 1:37 PM  

@74 - That is the call for criticism/self-criticism, also known as struggle sessions, the epitome of the things both crave and love the mostest: public humiliation.

Blogger Crunchy Cachalot April 29, 2021 1:40 PM  

But Vooooooooooooooox, random quotes from random asshats we've never heard of PROVE that diversity is our STRENGTH! How can any non-Nazi argue with "When people of different backgrounds and perspectives work together, we make better decisions and better software"!?!

Blogger Damelon Brinn April 29, 2021 1:58 PM  

and who needs women in a tech company, anyway?

Whenever I see a troublemaking "Jane" in a story out of tech, my first question is whether it's really a "John." One reason tech companies are so down with the gender-bending is that there are very, very few women who are good at tech and enjoy doing it enough to stick to it and not shift sideways into marketing or something non-technical. They are so rare that they might be outnumbered by men who are willing to pretend to be women to help meet the diversity quota.

Blogger Jack Amok April 29, 2021 2:07 PM  

7. Furthermore, we are reviewing our hiring and interview practices to understand how we allowed a toxic individual like Jane into our company. It is completely unacceptable for employees to insult, attack, libel and denigrate their co-workers and it was a failure of our screening process that we did not identify these behavior problems prior to extending an offer. We will be updating our recruiting and interview processes to address this problem.

Blogger Across the World April 29, 2021 2:32 PM  

IBM’s CEO in the 90s who was an outsider told a friend of mine ‘A good hanging works wonders’. Same idea as the ‘head in a pike’ The first vocal dissident you snuff. If people fall in line you don’t need to hang anyone else. If they engage in armed revolt, at least it’s over quickly. You had no chance to fix things because it was too far gone.

Blogger Scofflaw April 29, 2021 2:37 PM  

I like this type of corporate culture. Make as much money as possible and employees can leave their beliefs at home.

Blogger Crunchy Cachalot April 29, 2021 2:57 PM  

@84 - Actually sounds like a cunning plan for subverting the whole "diversity" scheme, if implemented with such a notion in mind. What counterattack could a true "ally" of the trannies muster?

Blogger Oswald April 29, 2021 3:34 PM  

I thought the Karens of the world were bad, but Janes are apparently worse.

Blogger daddynichol April 29, 2021 3:37 PM  

"Jason and David, I believe that your recent company policy changes are both terrible and redeemable."

Dear X, Jason and David,
Your concern is duly noted. Now, pack your crap and get out.

The Boss

Blogger Geir Balderson April 29, 2021 4:07 PM  

Fire Jane immediately.

Blogger Bryce April 29, 2021 4:27 PM  

Not only that, but the retard wrote it:
"while on medical leave from Basecamp, a condition that was necessary in large part because of the extreme emotional duress I have experienced as an employee at the company"

These kinds of people are useless at best.

Blogger Dan in Georgia April 29, 2021 5:31 PM  

He paid them 6 months salary to leave by the deadline, and after that any SJW activity would result in immediate termination.

Blogger liberranter April 29, 2021 7:01 PM  

And from there, we can go about healing Basecamp.

Jason and David: "We're going to 'heal' Basecamp right now by having you go look for somewhere else to work. A cardboard box is on its way to your desk right now, and someone from Security will accompany it to help you pack out and to collect your company ID as you're escorted to the exit.

"Three words: at-will employment."

Blogger liberranter April 29, 2021 7:10 PM  

The unbridled arrogance of social justice nazis throwing about that term "healing".

My sense is that Basecamp's move here is just the beginning. A very gentle, subtle, polite beginning, true. But as the pendulum continues to swing back toward sanity (as it always eventually must when ultra-radicals rampage; China's unsustainable Cultural Revolution lasted barely a decade) and the SJWs rage violently and desperately in attempt to save their Revolution, the correction will take a turn as savage as that of Pinochet's Chile. It's going to be a bleak future for the Woke if Basecamp's tactics catch on more widely.

Blogger liberranter April 29, 2021 7:21 PM  

"being oppressed and repressed"

Millennial SJW-speak for "being compelled to live like a mature, responsible adult in the real world where I don't always get things my way."

Blogger Ryan G April 29, 2021 9:21 PM  

@58 "Sadly, bigrainbowcorp that I work for is wrapped deep in this silliness. Every all hands call will wrap up the perinent news in the first 20 minutes with the rest of the hour filled with some therapuetic babbling. COVID made them move out of their stodgy work practices and adopt tech and processes others have been using for a decade."

Yet more evidence that so much of this stuff is a nothing more than a Christianity-substitute. There was a time when there were companies throughout the West that would start board meetings with a prayer for guidance and wisdom.

Blogger RonG April 30, 2021 1:46 AM  

@88 a "cunning plan" - give the man a turnip

Blogger BeatYourHeadIn April 30, 2021 10:28 AM  

Jason and David should invite a based black employee to voice his thoughts to People Ops, which just might sound something like: "bitch don't fuck wit mah 10 percent."

Go on Jane, explain how it's oppressive and terrible for DeAndre share in company profits...

Blogger James Fox Higgins May 02, 2021 7:52 PM  

This letter and the corresponding pushback are probably one of the most red-tape-free and efficient HR purges ever conceived. That is, IF he fires the commenter and anyone sharing their position. NUKE THE CANCER CELLS!!

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