Monday, April 12, 2021

Mailvox: why you can't buy houses

Apparently the banks are buying them all with Federal money:

Around 6 months ago someone on 4chan who claimed to be working in some sort of finical institution was claiming that banks or hedge funds were using the insane of amount of money that the fed gov was granting to them to buy single family homes. 

While reading the comments on unz today, I came across this. Comment number 41 on "Coordination and Decomposition" by Gregory Hood.

I wrote a few months ago about the bizarre disappearance of affordable, middle class homes in white rural neighborhoods.

A house would appear on the MLS, and within 8 hours…it was Under Contract.

This was happening in West Virginia- a stalwart of white values and no BLM criminality would be tolerated. I wrote that something was afoot and it was frightening.

It is Black Rock.

Black Rock is buying up homes by the thousands. The average earner cannot compete as they are paying cash, and 20% over the asking price.

This is a HUGE story, with catastrophic consequences, aside from making home ownership completely unattainable for most white working class.

What is Black Rock going to do with these homes?

Complete the destruction of the white middle class, apparently, and turn everyone into renters. 

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Blogger DeepThought April 12, 2021 12:08 PM  

My brother is a small time flipper. The same thing is happening here. Someone is buying all the damn homes in white areas in Central Illinois making it hard as hell to compete with them.

Blogger bramley bramley bramley April 12, 2021 12:09 PM  

Build your own homes...?

I'd take a tent over a mortgage at this point.

Blogger Kingly Gift April 12, 2021 12:14 PM  

This last year I've started to get repeated offers by mail postcard, or even text messages, asking if I want to sell my home. I don't know if this is a normal thing once the realtors/house-flippers get you on their contact lists, or if there are big banks behind it.

Blogger Canadian Warlord April 12, 2021 12:15 PM  

I suspect the 'renter' requirements for (capitalized) _Black_ Rock Property Management will be 3 of the following:
1) BLM contributor or rioter
2) Grievance Studies Major from a State University
3) Antifa Pink Badge (has gotten their ass kicked in front of a Portland bookstore)
4) Correct social credit score (double-plus good or higher)
5) Will be at the ready for "Code White," with a full stockroom of kerosene and bikelocks
6) Starbucks coupons or equivalent chits from a Sorros NGO

These people will be in place for the next wave of anti-white suburban violence. No need to crash any gates - they will be next door.

Blogger Richard Holmes April 12, 2021 12:16 PM  

Used to be no one ever would approach me wanting to buy my house. Now I am approached by phone, mail, email and someone knocking on the door several times a week wanting to buy my house. The value of my house has gone up 100% (doubled) since I bought the house in 2003. But in the past 3 or 4 years is when it has gone up the most.
This is insane. It's causing the property taxes to go up. Luckily they only review that every 3 years. It just went up last summer. But it went up a lot.

I sorta hope this housing bubble pops, homes are too expensive for younger people to buy unless they have a high paying job.

Blogger Unknown April 12, 2021 12:16 PM  

Bill Gates is one of the biggest LAND OWNERS in America...

Blogger tdcommenter April 12, 2021 12:17 PM  

No cash. No houses. Government payouts instead of jobs. It's almost like owning nothing & being made to suffer it.

Blogger Richard April 12, 2021 12:22 PM  

Now that is interesting! Great Reset anyone?

Blogger miforest April 12, 2021 12:23 PM  

you'll own nothing , and you'll be happy ....

Blogger Hoodlum April 12, 2021 12:25 PM  

I don't have any doubt at the validity of the claim. Buffett has said on multiple occasions he would be a big buyer of single family homes if he could do so efficiently and manage them effectively. BR is almost certainly using it as a return vehicle and hedge against inflation. The net of this isn't positive, except that in conjunction with the remote work phenomena that COVID has created there is a much larger migration back to more rural areas. My county, 8k people in the plains, is now seeing bidding wars for housing. There are multiple small towns around us with almost no available inventory for sale. It appears to be mild reversal, or at least suspension, of the decline taking place over the last 60 years.

Blogger Damelon Brinn April 12, 2021 12:31 PM  

Whether or not this story is true, destroying the middle class is always their goal. Their perfect society contains wealthy landowners and landless peasants. A large population of poor, drugged renters on one side of town, and a smaller group of rich on the other side. Both sides will vote for more government; the poor because they're dependent on it and the rich because it makes them feel like they're helping the poor. Only a healthy middle class can have the independence to escape that equation.

A couple centuries ago, the poor in this arrangement were working poor, because they were needed to produce wealth in the factories and fields. Now that so much of that work has been outsourced or automated, the poor can be welfare eaters, which works even better to keep them dependent and voting for more of the same.

Blogger Cinco April 12, 2021 12:32 PM  

My wife is a realtor, we live in a white middle class rural neighborhood in North Carolina. It’s 100% not the hedge funds by us, it’s people upgrading. They are selling their houses for 33% more than they paid for them and upgrading to nicer digs.

Blogger basementhomebrewer April 12, 2021 12:34 PM  

Blackrock also got a huge chunk of money free and clear for helping administer the PPP program.

They have holdings in single family home rental companies. It's not surprising what they are using the money to do. The other advantage is, it props the housing market that should have crashed up, and since they knew it was going to happen in advance, they probably went long on the market to pick up more cash. Now, they also know when they are going to stop buying homes which means they know roughly when the housing market bubble they created is going to burst and will put shorts in when the time is right.

Blogger stevo April 12, 2021 12:36 PM  

I don't know if this is happening in Canada, but here in Ottawa the new houses I work on are usually around half a million or so, and they are building and selling them as fast as they can, with no slowdown from covid.

Blogger Akulkis April 12, 2021 12:36 PM  

Every company needs physical assets, such a place to work from.

Blogger JG April 12, 2021 12:38 PM  

This housing bubble is brought to you by the global elite who are hellbent on returning the world to the traditional master/slave economic model, which is otherwise known as the "Great Reset".

Blogger thechortling April 12, 2021 12:41 PM  

Makes a lot of sense. Other places on the Eastern seaboard are exactly the same and it's all under Covid cover, "people are moving out of the cities in droves to backwater locations". You can bet that if dufus Hunter Biden was scoring cash on government largesse that people a lot smarter and sneakier have come up with even better, much larger scale ways to get their leprous hands on public coffers.

Blogger MN Ruth April 12, 2021 12:42 PM  

This is what has been going on in the Minnesota suburb of Woodbury. 450k to 550k homes going on the market and then off within a day or two. I figured people are sick of their homes, low interest rates, and St. Paul is decaying like Detroit. Remember inspection contingencies can buy time for buyers. Would “black rock” be a straw man or are they companies putting in offers? Just curious to know what to look for on the realtor backside.

Blogger TheMaleRei April 12, 2021 12:42 PM  

What are the going to do with the homes?
Gifts to the migrants.
Gifts to die-versity.
Gifts to those who took the ticket.

Blogger Autarky Bear April 12, 2021 12:43 PM  

I've seen this more and more. Everywhere there is a halfway decent community that has local agriculture, the land and homes are being bought up faster then anyone who is a layman can reasonably have a chance to consider getting it. At this point I've come to accept the only way for someone like me, low 20 something, to afford a house; I'll need to build at least most of it myself.

Blogger J. Driver April 12, 2021 12:45 PM  

I wonder if they know something about a minority home buying program coming in the future. I checked out blackrock's website and there's SJW garbage all over it. what's their objective here? making everybody into city-dwelling renters. Whenever I hear the word "sustainability" this is what comes to mind.

Blogger awildgoose April 12, 2021 12:47 PM  

I can see them dumping a ton of Third Worlders in those homes under heavily subsidized mortgages the controllers can make even more money on.

Blogger CM April 12, 2021 12:48 PM  

Sounds about right. No private property.

Blogger swiftfoxmark2 April 12, 2021 12:50 PM  

The 30-year mortgage is already a lease agreement you have with the banksters. This is just one less step.

Blogger OneWingedShark April 12, 2021 12:50 PM  

You vill own nusenk…
You vil live in ze pods…
You vil eat ze bugs…
Und you vil be happy!

This is the other end of why they're trying to push through gun-control so bad, and why they're salivating at making "white/right-wing terrorism!" a thing — they're trying to "get ahead of the curve" before the average citizen wants to see the people preventing them from living life fertilizing fields.

Pray for us, because we need it.

Blogger ChewbacaTW April 12, 2021 12:51 PM  

Good lord... The surname of BR's CEO is fink... I'll give you 3 guesses (and the first 2 don't count) as to who he's finking for.

Blogger dienw April 12, 2021 12:54 PM  

The only meanings I can get through Wikipedia for black rock are exoteric; but my immediate thought was to the black rock idol of Mecca. Does anyone have an esoteric meaning for Black Rock?

Blogger dienw April 12, 2021 1:03 PM  

One possibility is that Black Rock is buying up the houses that were mortgaged then walked away from; the mortgaging banks were left holding the property, such as Wells Fargo.

Blogger Doktor Jeep April 12, 2021 1:06 PM  

This is the group that stated they wanted to hire less white men.

And who has ties to BlackRock that we would know if?


They are probably buying up all the ammo too.

Blogger Oswald Spengler April 12, 2021 1:07 PM  

"Don't you have homes?!"

Blogger GammaCatch April 12, 2021 1:08 PM  

Well, we all pay Property and School tax after we "own" our home. So, no one REALLY owns their property in the USA.

Blogger Taignobias April 12, 2021 1:11 PM  

This explains a great deal. I spent the past several years looking for a home in one of the big cities of Texas, and every somewhat-liveable home was on the market for 12 hours or less. Every offer I made (and those with whom I was competing) was rejected in favor of 18% or more over, in cash.

Add it to the millennial woes list - they're taxing us to keep us from buying homes.

Blogger Middle American Water Tower Man April 12, 2021 1:12 PM  

Most can’t build right now either. Lumber is too high. Good labor is hard to find as well.

Blogger Worstpersonintheworld April 12, 2021 1:13 PM  

They are going to give them away to blm to make red areas blue. No mystery here

Blogger OneWingedShark April 12, 2021 1:17 PM  

Richard Holmes wrote:I sorta hope this housing bubble pops, homes are too expensive for younger people to buy unless they have a high paying job.
Same, I get decent pay, but the rent/food/heat/electricity is a bit much; I am, by nature, more of a saver and I don't eat extravagantly and I'm not arc-welding, so I can only imagine how anyone even marginally worse off is faring.

Richard wrote:Now that is interesting! Great Reset anyone?

dienw wrote:The only meanings I can get through Wikipedia for black rock are exoteric; but my immediate thought was to the black rock idol of Mecca. Does anyone have an esoteric meaning for Black Rock?
I don't know about that connection, but it would be utterly unsurprising.
Also interesting is that the Federal Reserve basically made Black Rock their agent in buying everything up during all the shutdowns: it looks to me like fraud + conspiracy + common-law extortion.
And the worst thing?
The government is all-in on it, completely against any notion of Justice.
There will be blood.

Blogger Worstpersonintheworld April 12, 2021 1:17 PM  

No mystery here. Blm and like minded blue voters. Pretty consistent with the destruction of middle class. As soon as the boom has gone on long enough, they will crash it. Par for the psychopath left

Blogger Commanderz April 12, 2021 1:18 PM  

I would add my belief that Blackrock is just one of many such companies. I own two houses (one a rental) and an off-grid cabin on land and up until last year no one ever tried to buy them from me. Then last year came and "Bang" I get two or three calls and e-mails a day. My thought is that individuals, businesses, and criminal organizations with cash on hand are absolutely desperate to buy property before the great "Monetary" reset and planned collapse turns their Dollars into Dimes or even Pennies.

Blogger Feather Blade April 12, 2021 1:18 PM  

bramley say Enoch woz right wrote:Build your own homes...?

With the price of lumber right now, and Weyerhauser allegedly shipping their entire production run to China?

You'd best have land with timber on it first.

... or go with concrete.

Blogger Buck Rowan April 12, 2021 1:18 PM  

Plenty of opportunities for graft in this operation. It's money laundering.

Comment #19 is right on the money.

Blogger Unknown April 12, 2021 1:19 PM  

I moved to West Virginia 2 years ago from Montgomery County Maryland. I have witnessed increasing home prices in my area. Realtors tell me inventory is down 70% and house sell quickly when put on the market. I built a garage and apartment on my property and the builder tells me that price of a 2x4 has risen from $7 to $21 and he has to drive to Pennsylvania to get boards, and all materials are at least 3x up in price, if you can get it. Roofing material very hard to come by, etc. I think BR knows something we don't. You cannot build a house here for what they sell for even at the inflated prices we see now.

Blogger Eye4Chaos April 12, 2021 1:27 PM  

Cinco, in the same position in a suburban town in the Triad Area of NC. Seen a lot of upgrading as you reported.

Blogger Taylor? April 12, 2021 1:31 PM  

My wife and I just purchased our first home this month here in Utah and it was the same. We put in nearly 20 offers before finding a for sale by owner house in a small town not on the MLS. We were getting beat out by cash offers, and people paying up to $50k over appraised value. A lot of it was locals just upgrading, but our realtor also told us a lot of the buyers were moving here from California, and also californian investment companies. They were talking to friends on the state real estate boards to try and get legislation through that would address the problem. My parents had an offer on my grandmother's house from an older single lady from Cali last year as well, so it's been going on for a while. Everybody here says we need to build a wall around Cali, not just the southern border.

Blogger 7916 April 12, 2021 1:34 PM  

Autarky Bear is right. You'll need to build most of your house, and you'll probably need to buy raw land. Do not be deterred by electrical, plumbing, septic, etc. Code can be researched, tips and advice can be paid for, tools can be rented, and you can hire a general for the foundation, framing, and roof. I've done this myself.

Also plan for homelessness and bugging out.

Blogger SonyAD April 12, 2021 1:34 PM  

People will soon be forced to educate themselves on the monetary system and understand that privately owned and controlled, ex nihilo issued interest bearing debt based money system is not a good idea and they aren't just temporarily not beneficiaries of this system of exploitation, fraud and theft. Until banks are abolished and the massive wealth accretion they facilitated is broken up or nationalised, evil will continue to prosper and flourish.

The private, ex nihilo issued interest bearing debt monetary system and the controlled private media are the two legs that every evil in this world rests on, and which make possible every other sort of evil.

It's disgusting to see people having no problem at all with the legalised fraud and counterfeiting which banking is. Even when you explain the intrinsically fraudulent and counterfeit nature of banking as an institution, they still refuse to see how egregiously immoral and unethical it is. They refuse to see how redistributing purchasing power and wealth through counterfeiting is immoral, when it's done by a bank. When they would obviously have a problem with it if it were done by some private person, with a printing press or fake checks.

Either people are dumb as pig shyte or they're under some really top notch, superb mind control or mind spell. It's really disgusting interacting with such people as Lolbertarians, liberals and other such useful idiots or scumbags. The most annoying ones are the Murray Rothbard types, who have no problem at all with banking or fractional reserve banking, just with central banks existing. They want every bank to be able to be its own central bank instead. They don't want the privately owned and controlled, ex nihilo issued interest bearing debt based monetary system replaced with a sound and fair system. They just don't want central banks to exist anymore, and move away from cash, so that private banks never need to trouble themselves with having enough fractional reserve cash on hand to be able to honour cash withdrawal requests.

Blogger pyrrhus April 12, 2021 1:36 PM  

Yes, the single family market here in the Catalina foothills has been red hot for the last year and a half, but only individuals buying as far as I know.This area has been way underpriced for a long time..I regularly get texts from brokers, which I ignore...

Blogger Jon W April 12, 2021 1:51 PM  

When we bought our house last August our loan officer said he was handling over 40 loans with a normal load for him being 13 or 14. Locals weren't buying houses because the market was too high for them. It was all outsiders moving in.

Blogger Weouro April 12, 2021 1:53 PM  

Seems like a catastrophe. What rough black swan, its hour come round at last, slouches toward America to be born

Blogger Worstpersonintheworld April 12, 2021 1:56 PM  

The furthering affirmative housing bs is going to take many forms. Its not just row housing and hi rises. Sfr is where they start getting a foothold. Then look out

Blogger FutureDeadWhiteButNotDeadYet Male April 12, 2021 1:57 PM  

Things are normal but steady where we are. But our area has been suddenly (I mean on a dime flip from 2010) but reliably blue since 2012. Evil gains better invested in evil schemes elsewhere, I suppose.

Blogger Unknown April 12, 2021 1:58 PM  

A website called Hollywood Subliminals has a lengthy article on the occult meaning of the Black Cube. It's apparently a reference to the primordial god Saturn.

Blogger IreneAthena April 12, 2021 1:59 PM  

Canadian Warlord wrote:I suspect the 'renter' requirements for (capitalized) _Black_ Rock Property Management will be 3 of the following:

1) BLM contributor or rioter...

Interesting and chilling. Cofounder of BLM, Patrisse Cullors, has been on a real estate spending spree of her own. The properties Patrisse bought, though, reward those at the very top of the BLM scam.

Blogger Canadian Warlord April 12, 2021 2:00 PM  

@33. and @38. regarding Lumber Prices,
I just interviewed for a sawmill job, things are hot in that sector again. BUT the prices never stay up for long - I bailed on a good sawmill equipment manufacturer job twice because the market dried up and layoffs were coming (2004, 2006). When the housing market crashed in 2008, basically all the mills in British Columbia were down from 3 shifts to just one - making "J grade" for China.

The larger operators, like CanFor (they own some southeast US mills as well) are infamous for stocking up and market dumping, in fact there's NAFTA grievances about it. Building a house can certainly be a matter of timing. A friend of mine has a scheme that I may get in on, but also, could be of interest to a prospective home buyer - a small-scale portable sawmill. His is 1950s vintage so it'll take some work to get running. But they are generally not expensive when compared to the lumber costs for a house. There's free wood all over the place, especially with the pine-beetle epidemic. The wood has a green tint to it but if you can harvest before it rots / dries out / catches fire, it's good.

Get a portable mill, find a place ravaged by the pine beetle, and pick your own damn cotton. There is no shortage of trees on this continent, and I've helped out just taking them from private property so they don't fall on houses (used for firewood). I know people prefer spruce for some things (floor joists), but pine will serve for your basic wall framing and accounts for most of a house - which is why the pine-beetle epidemic is such a fire hazard in the first place. In the 60s they only re-planted pine trees instead of the natural mix, so now entire mountainsides are full of dead and rotting firebait red trees.

Find five other home builders in your area and get together on a portable mill, and strike deals with private landowners - you may even have a side business when all is said and done.

Blogger Dad29 April 12, 2021 2:02 PM  

Sold a single-family NW of Milwaukee last August. Listing went up and 39 walk-throughs were booked within 2 days.

Had 5 solid offers (financing approved, but inspection required) on day 3. Irony: one of them was realistic; the rest were $15K or so over his.

But unless the offering parties were straw men for BR, there was no BR involved.

Am aware of one 2-family rental in Milwaukee County sold to a little old lady from California who will be absentee landlord. That happened about 8 months ago.

No realtor ever mentioned BR or any other major national money in this market, although there are some locally-owned 'buy-to-flip' outfits lurking.

Blogger Hmm April 12, 2021 2:05 PM  

dienw wrote:The only meanings I can get through Wikipedia for black rock are exoteric; but my immediate thought was to the black rock idol of Mecca. Does anyone have an esoteric meaning for Black Rock?
kaaba stone is believed to be a meteor.
meteorite rocks are usually a representation of Lucifer's fall, it might be that.

There's also the artemis temple where female and transvestite priests worshiped a black rock. The priests considered Artemis to be Venus(Lucifer) and not Aphrodite. The temple also functioned as a banking institution. Rich people(of the time) went there to pray to venus and have sex.

Blogger Gregory the Tall April 12, 2021 2:06 PM  

@Canadian Warlord: Vaccination passport not required because already dumb as f#ck.

Blogger Paradise Lost April 12, 2021 2:08 PM  

I live in rural Ohio 70 miles from any major city. We are irritated to have a big group of Indians suddenly purchase our neighbor's 40 acre property for $350,000. We now have goats roaming freely as if this was the streets of Calcutta.
I'm wondering how they paid well over twice the stripmined land value and if they were somehow sponsored. They are trying to farm with no idea how in our climate.
We have an increasing population of Amish who always overpay because the groups tend to pool resources.

Blogger Cygnus X April 12, 2021 2:12 PM  

Same in Arizona. Sellers getting 20K over asking with no less than ten offers. We decided to just rent and stay out of that madness whatever the cause. I’ve seen this movie before but I worry the ending is darker this time.

Anonymous Anonymous April 12, 2021 2:15 PM  

Did for sale by owner on my house in MS and had three over ask offers in 2 weeks. Closing is next week.
The problem is we plan to move back to northern MN and are very worried about being able to find a place that is livable. Every thing I save on Zillow/Realtor in my middle class price range is off the market very quickly. When I say Northern MN I mean near Canada. Who are all the people wanting to live there all the sudden? Some say it's Twin City violence to blame for all the country homes being bought up.

Blogger Ominous Cowherd April 12, 2021 2:18 PM  

Feather Blade wrote:You'd best have land with timber on it first.

... or go with concrete.

I strongly recommend concrete. Look into insulated concrete forms.

Blogger Reprehensible Adam April 12, 2021 2:24 PM  

Fellow whites should get a discount.

Blogger Charley Waite April 12, 2021 2:24 PM  

What? Do you want a hedge fund to buy in a BLACK neighborhood????

Blogger swiftfoxmark2 April 12, 2021 2:27 PM  

Maybe Black Rock and others like them have been designated to buy the houses to prevent the prices from dropping due to a housing crash.

Blogger MATT April 12, 2021 2:31 PM  

The only solution is violence.

Blogger Steve Rodger April 12, 2021 2:45 PM  

Here in Latin America we have a trick against such problems, called occupy the fucking federal lands and invite a drug cartel and the paramilitaries to keep the feds away by force.

Blogger Zorlig April 12, 2021 2:57 PM  

It's 200k in Oregon just for a plot you can build on around the big city. State laws make it impossible to build on much of the farm or forest land.

Blogger Ahuehuete April 12, 2021 3:04 PM  

"Most can’t build right now either. Lumber is too high. Good labor is hard to find as well. "

I have also noticed that build ready lots are also in short supply, as many municipalities have slammed on the brakes for new subdivisions.

Blogger xevious2030 April 12, 2021 3:06 PM  

“turn everyone into renters”

“Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Includes Making ‘Diverse’ Neighborhoods Across America Through Zoning Laws” – Breitbart, Penny Starr, 4/11/2021

Condensation, and “free markets to government control.” A mark, DNA, passport, plague. The skip mark of 2020, and so the 2021 narrative continues. They’re still telling the story, while having to erase the parts that says "and all the white people were killed off" when they encounter them in the script. Fun days.

Found an interesting book, but haven’t read yet, will soon. Still carried, “Race Differences in Intelligence,” which is fascinating to be. Another “The Chosen People: A Study of Jewish Intelligence and Achievement,” no idea, not even the read the review, but catchy title. And another, “Eugenics: A Reassessment (Praeger Studies of Foreign Policies of the Great Powers).” Again, no idea except the title. Kindle price of $121. High enough to keep out of everyday hands, but low enough to be available to better pocketbooks.

All three available by those that will not carry certain Dr. Seuss books, which, as stated, fascinating to be. The real story, whatever is between the covers.

Blogger Azimus April 12, 2021 3:08 PM  

5. Richard HolmesApril 12, 2021 12:16 PM
I sorta hope this housing bubble pops, homes are too expensive for younger people to buy unless they have a high paying job.

Of course nobody has a crystal ball, but I would say people in CA have been waiting for that "bubble" to pop for a long time.

I don't think it will pop:
- Our would-be lords and masters want us living in Soviet-style block apartments in cities
- Our would-be masters are buying up property all over the country as a way to implement their designs extra-legally through cost inflation. I expect in our lifetimes, housing will become a fringe benefit again and no one will own anything.
- The Democrats are opening the immigrant floodgates
- They don't make more land
- They do make more people
- I'm hearing all kinds of murmurs about supply shortages, both current (like lumber) and pending (like copper), that will put homes even further out of the reach of average people. This makes no sense in an industry that is motivated by profit... unless they are bogged down by endless red tape to make expansion impossible (but Americans aren't the only ones that can cut boards to 1.5" x 3.5")
- My opinion - the window is closing, or rather being closed, on private home ownership. The model is tobacco. They don't directly make it illegal, they just make it punitively impossible to partake.

Blogger Weouro April 12, 2021 3:11 PM  

I guess, really, covid is the black swan event. But it among other things has tightened the lid on the pressure cooker.

Blogger Worstpersonintheworld April 12, 2021 3:12 PM  

Im a builder in se Florida, we build with Concrete. Cheaper and quicker. Just the roof is lumber

Blogger Zaklog the Great April 12, 2021 3:13 PM  

This makes me feel better about us just buying our new house before this hits our area. If I'm reading this right, though, it may not be coming for our area, as it's not overwhelmingly white.

Blogger SupersonicG April 12, 2021 3:16 PM  

At some point, maybe not just yet, but Yanks will realise just how much God hates them and their lukewarm nation.

Hopefully some of you will repent before the spewing out. Who wants to eat their pets and their kids eh? Your enemies have control now, obivously.

>'And I will make them eat the flesh of their sons and their daughters, and everyone shall eat the flesh of his neighbor in the siege and in the distress, with which their enemies and those who seek their life afflict them.’

Blogger Josh Hopkins April 12, 2021 3:29 PM  

I'm trying to make a first time home purchase in rural Canada and finding this exact same story popping up everywhere. People keep excitedly telling me about how the sold their house above asking price as soon as it hit the market. They aren't at all suspicious because they're so giddy about their new wealth.

Blogger leo April 12, 2021 3:34 PM  

guess who the ceo is

Blogger Azimus April 12, 2021 3:41 PM  

58. GypsyApril 12, 2021 2:15 PM
Who are all the people wanting to live there all the sudden?

This is a good question - because for every extra buyer in Duluth, there's one less buyer in Tupelo. Or put differently, the net inventory of homes for sale does not change, since you're selling the home you leave. So if pricing is going up in Duluth, it must be going down somewhere else. But where? Big cities? I admit I haven't paid attention to our nation's pre-war zones.

Pricing for existing homes is going crazy through the whole country, there doesn't seem to be a "down" area. Naturally speaking, that implies first-time buyers. It COULD BE the millenials are crowding into the housing market because they just realized living in a refurbished warehouse is a 3rd world living arrangement, but its too sudden, too synthetic - and apparently ubiquitous. I mean, its not illegals, they already had places to live - and even if it was, you would not see uniform growth across the country. I suppose it COULD BE urban flight, but for prices to go up like they have in the first year would imply a historical, biblical amount of relocation.

It smells more like banks to me.

Blogger Jose Miguel April 12, 2021 3:48 PM  

The plan was always to build with concrete. First a little land with a yurt on it.

Blogger R Webfoot April 12, 2021 3:49 PM  

The obvious next step: Banks imposing Terms And Conditions on renters so they can evict political dissidents.

Blogger repent or perish April 12, 2021 3:59 PM  

A lot of these firms are buying whole neighborhoods from builders, less so isolated single homes from my understanding.

Blogger Reziac April 12, 2021 4:10 PM  

It's not just BlackRock...

...but perhaps typical of what's going on, look at all the pies BlackRock has fingers in, plus the shift to being "socially conscious":
(sorry, IG is way outdated and the important stuff is 2018-present)

Naturally every investment fund out there looked at the massive price inflation on single-family homes since the recovery after 2008, and decided they wanted to get in on the gravy train... and that inflation more than suffices to cover a premium to acquire the investment. (It should also be remembered that franchisers like McDonald's aren't in the hamburger business; they're in the real estate investment business.)

Similarly, outfits like WeBuyUglyHouses are paying full market value and still making a profit when they flip it.

And of course there's all the wealthy Chinese trying to get their money out of China before the oncoming crash, and paying cash... they've driven the price of a 2-bedroom near-shack in Vancouver up over a million dollars. And that would be cheap in the Bay area market.

Complete madness if you're a regular American just trying to find a place to live that you can reasonably pay for.

Blogger Cappuccinobear April 12, 2021 4:17 PM  

So then, is this a "bad" time to take out a $400,000 mortgage on a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in a suburb 10 minutes from Detroit? Because that's what I'm seeing here lately. A house that 3-5 years ago would've been 150,000 to 250,000 is now 400,000.

Blogger RA April 12, 2021 4:31 PM  

While Black Rock is in there muddying the waters, they are far, far from the only people or outfit involved. BTW, for those who didn't know, BR has been in the SFR market since the great mortgage crackup in 2007-2009.

Consider the demographics. Start with the top 30 metropolitan areas in the US. The top 3 are NYC/Newark, LA and Chicago. 40 million in population just from these. Then go down the line looking for cities that are down or going down, and also not in the lousy states and you'll see a good number of cities people probably want to leave. Such luminaries as Philadelphia, Atlanta, San Francisco, Detroit, Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis/St. Paul, St. Louis, etc. Maybe another 30 million or more in total.

Some small percentage of that population wants out while many more are thinking about it. A lot of them are going to the suburbs for the safer and usually whiter neighborhoods but the rest go out of state. Do the math and consider all those smaller cities in the 'burbs or the boonies with 100k or less population. Not going to be nearly enough inventory to satisfy everyone. Then those people have to compete with Black Rock and other investment firms, crypto millionaires and everyone else looking for assets outside of the financial system. Not to mention the Chinese are still bringing capital out of their country. All while the locals are getting priced out.

I don't think BLM/Antifa will be everywhere: while they may have a lot of sympathizers, there aren't that many destroyers to go everywhere rural. Their only strength is in numbers and they mostly won't have that in the small cities. Plus small town life isn't for them. But thinking all those migrants are gonna get housed somewhere. Those migrants will be vanguard leading to the crackdowns on the white rural communities.

Those smaller cities and towns that are mostly if not all white, that aren't meth zones? Of course every little bit of inventory in there is going to disappear.

Blogger Daniele Grech Pereira April 12, 2021 4:40 PM  

@52 Good idea. Have truck, will travel. I suppose I'll need some sort of trailer as well.

Blogger R.G. Camara April 12, 2021 4:44 PM  

Scarily, I just watched a video on hyperinflation last night that point out that hyperinflation was happening now and that this phenomenon---rich people, realizing hyperinflation is here, are shoving money like crazy into random real estate to avoid it--that this is both covering up hyperinflation short -term and also making it worse long term.

Blogger Reph April 12, 2021 4:46 PM  

@1 It's not just the central part of Illinois either. I've been house shopping further north and noticed that homes are under contract immediately after listing around here too.

Blogger Jason the Gentleman April 12, 2021 4:51 PM  

I've been contacted about selling my home randomly, presumably by realtors, and I just tell them I'd be interested in selling my home for $500,000, which is a good bit more than it's worth. If they offered that much, I'd probably sell and we'd find a place to rent for a few months until the market crashes like a rock, then buy something much nicer. Presuming my money didn't get wiped out somehow....
I would say hold the funds in gold/silver for the inevitable crash, but if it's deflation as Vox believes, cash or bonds would be a better bet....

Blogger Imwill April 12, 2021 4:56 PM  

Purchased an old RV outright.
I’m single with no family or kids, but this has been a decent, adventure filled, if not mildly inconvenient transition.

Blogger Harry_the_Horrible April 12, 2021 5:02 PM  

Easy answer.
With the way the government is spending, money is going to be worthless.
The folks in the know are trading their worthless scrip for real property.

Blogger Macs April 12, 2021 5:06 PM  

Hey, why not get assets with debt if you are planning on tanking the currency? Basically free houses. I had assumed that deflation would hit for a time before the hyperinflation took off, but I guess that's not part of the plan.

Blogger Cable Salad April 12, 2021 5:10 PM  

Pretty similar situation in Germany, too. Everything is grossly overpriced and yet somebody still keeps buying up all the houses, driving the prices up to ridiculously lofty heights.

Blogger The Gaelic Lands April 12, 2021 5:11 PM  

Step 1: Drive Fed rates to near zero.
Step 2: Assemble Jewish firms such as Blackrock to have access to Fed rates under the new Going Direct plan.
Step 3: Blackrock borrows at 0% to buy up the homes of the fallen goy.
Step 4: Blackrock rents homes back to goy at market rates.
Step 5: Blackrock and others create SPC (special purpose corps), corps that are allowed to raise funds with no declared purpose, outside of SEC regulations, and then buy up all the collapsed goy businesses destroyed by the covid scam.
Rinse. Repeat

Blogger Nea April 12, 2021 5:30 PM  

I think there is something much more to it. Remember that Gates buys land ...

Blogger Unknown April 12, 2021 5:38 PM  

People start looking into the adverse possession laws of their states. If they want to play dirty; then an goodly equitable action would be the proper remedy.

Blogger Roger April 12, 2021 5:53 PM  

I get calls daily about what you would call middle class housing asking to buy it. Post cards too. All from what you would describe as bird dogs.

Blogger maniacprovost April 12, 2021 6:03 PM  

Canadian Warlord
Seems to me, not being an expert, if one wanted to knill their own wood to build a house, they would want to go with a timber frame construction to save labor on the cutting as well as the construction. But then again, I don't know how technically difficult it is to do the joints.

Blogger Raker_T April 12, 2021 6:59 PM  

I don't know if there's a cause and effect operation, but what if the same characters burned and terrorized blue areas, then bought houses in red areas? As far as sawmill goes, yeah its doable, but I'm typing on my phone, i think I'll go to the desktop to write more details.

Blogger nswhorse April 12, 2021 7:01 PM  


You are confused. I recommend reading what Murray Rothbard wrote about money and banking. He strongly opposed fractional reserve banking and called it fraud, which it is. He insisted that central banking be abolished, and that private banks be legally required to maintain 100% reserves. Anyone who calls themselves a Rothbardian is going to think the same.

Blogger Marina April 12, 2021 7:03 PM  

Read the comments below the article too - All for foreigners

Blogger rumpole5 April 12, 2021 7:10 PM  

This sounds very much like the run up to the housing crash of 2008. My experience has been that dwelling units are a money and time pit, and not really worth one's effort and time. I did the landlord thing when I was in my childless early 30s, and had more energy and time, and the pre 2008 prices were rising, but unless you are really hungry for money, willing to take on the functional equivalent of a 2nd job as landlord, and willing to risk another crash, it is just not worth it.

Blogger Bobiojimbo April 12, 2021 7:21 PM  

Explains what my coworkers are currently experiencing as they look for homes. They'll offer a good interest payment, and even above asking price, only to see them get out bid by double or triple what they what they offered. All cash.

Blogger Akulkis April 12, 2021 7:32 PM  

>> Locals weren't buying houses because the market was too high for them. It was all outsiders moving in.


Blogger Cwyn April 12, 2021 7:42 PM  

@56 when the collapse comes, you'll know where to get food at least. A bunch of those invasive turd-worlders are going to be shocked at how hated by the natives they are when the gloves come off. There will be no becoming landlords on the backs of the natives. Indians are huge IQ morons when it comes to life stuff outside caste norms; sounds like upper-caste without a clue.

How moronic do you have to be to move to a nation about to experience catastrophic collapse anyway? It's like they've never see how nasty that gets.

I can say I think many home buyers are fleeing cities, seeing the handwriting on the wall. It's a smart move, especially if you have kids or elderly.

Blogger basementhomebrewer April 12, 2021 7:53 PM  

Who are all the people wanting to live there all the sudden? Some say it's Twin City violence to blame for all the country homes being bought up.

There is an odd frenzy to this market. Many have explained that its the riots causing people to move, but the market pretty much everywhere not urban, across the whole country is way out of control. When you mix it with all the cluelessness around the covid, etc it's not believable that suddenly 30% of the people in every big city got a clue about wokeness and moved out while believing every other lie still. There is something propping this all up. The BR thing is plausible, but there are likely several other factors at play as well.

Blogger Sam Gem April 12, 2021 8:04 PM  


3/4” Plywood Standard:

March 2020 - $37.98 /sheet
February 2021 - $72.49 /sheet
March 2021 - $83.49 /sheet
April 2021 - $95.98 /sheet

Blogger Unknownsailor April 12, 2021 8:14 PM  

Small cities in the northern plain states are not affected, yet. That is where I plan to bail out to. 95% or better white, only diversity of note is Amerindian.

Blogger VA Andrews April 12, 2021 8:22 PM  

I'm a Realtor in New England. Can't speak to the rest of the Nation but there is no evidence of a BlackRock buying pattern up here. We are simply facing a supply/demand problem due to record low rates. This is giving renters the ability to buy that they've never had before, so everyone is trying to get a standard middle-class house at the same time (while people getting out of Boston, Providence, Worcester, etc are making homes even more scarce).

Blogger Raker_T April 12, 2021 8:25 PM  

I live in a hardwood forest, it's been frustrating to not have a sawmill, I've tried different tricks to make timbers, some better than others, but yeah, you need a sawmill.
Finally a friend said he had one on his property that I was welcome to use. Another guy who gives me firewood on occasion called ma about a tree down on his property. Turns out it was a good sized Poplar. I cut it into 8.5 foot long sections. Each very heavy. Managed to get it on a trailer and to the mill. I guess I was concerned about not damaging the blade and all, so what I thought would be a long awaited joy wasn't so much. Carefully stacked the wood in the yard to air dry (2020), bought a moisture meter. Went out a month ago, and the thin boards I needed were dry enough. Started pulling out BEAUTIFUL boards, and that's when it hit. Something profound about not going to the big box store or the specialty lumber dealer to get a bunch of nice boards. I mean very flat knot free 11 inches wide by 8 feet long, a tall stack. There they were, in my hands, all I needed.
Anyway, the mill is surprisingly easy to use. A local guy who does a fair bit of sawing gave me some pointers. First, that it sells as fast as he can cut it, green not dried. More importantly, that the sawmill isn't you're only concern/expense by a long shot. He said it was the skid loader that took a beating, and needed costly parts replaced.
I'm pretty sure I've made ways to move the logs without the loader, but a final test is in order; details if asked. You'll need to investigate green wood vs dry wood for construction, timber frame vs stick frame; but youtube has a lot-lot-lot of neat videos on everything about wood. The info is pleasantly surprising. Also, local codes may state that only inspected wood can be used for residential construction, but again videos have it covered. You can hire it done.
My son is about to build a powerful mill, which I'll probably be the operator of, that should be a good experience. Have plans for a building from circa 1930-1940 that's a store front and residence in back. I can see it now. It's happening, and you can do it too. I wonder if groups of patriots could get together and . . .

Blogger tsquared April 12, 2021 8:28 PM  

Here in the Atlanta market a house that was worth $200-250 3 to 4 years ago is going for $330-390 now. It has been the influx of people from California, Colorado, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, and mAssachusets that have lived in high dollar middle class homes. Housing that is in the $300k range in Atlanta is what cost 2 to 4 times in the places they left.

The house across the street is current being sold. The realtor put a $325k price on it. There is a bidding war going on and it has been on the market for 5 days. The best offer as of noon today was $358K with no financing from a couple from San Francisco.

Blogger Jack Amok April 12, 2021 8:36 PM  

The point of no return for the collapse of the Roman Republic was probably the wake of Hannibal's invasion of Italy. The legions, mostly made up of yeoman farmers, protected Rome and the property of the Patricians who lived there. But the farmers own homes, farms and lands were destroyed by Hannibal as he roamed the countryside. After Hannibal was defeated, instead of making the farmers whole for their losses while defending their property, the Patricians just bought up the farms for pennies on the dollar from the destitute legionnaires. Thus was born the Roman Mob from the now landless farmers, as well as the slave-run estates that filled the purses of the Patricians.

Sulla isn't far off now.

Blogger RC April 12, 2021 8:43 PM  

This market isn't making any sense to me either. I've been living on a piece of future development ground for 25 years, still about 7 to 10 years until maturation at the normal pace, but recently I've received unsolicited phone calls from Asians looking to buy now. I live right in the middle of flyover country.

The single family housing is crazy here too. One of my sons, married last year, has been trying to buy for a year, wanting to get a house before their first child. With a very pregnant wife he finally had to make a cash offer above asking price to get one bought, just in time for the new baby.

It just does not make sense but the teacher's unions are happy I'm sure.

Blogger wEz April 12, 2021 8:47 PM  

Definitely black rock buyers. BLM is at play here and they're gobbling up properties in the East Ridge area specifically.

Blogger LAZ April 12, 2021 8:53 PM  

Step 1: Drive Fed rates to near zero.
Step 2: Assemble Jewish firms such as Blackrock to have access to Fed rates under the new Going Direct plan.
Step 3: Blackrock borrows at 0% to buy up the homes of the fallen goy.
Step 4: Blackrock rents homes back to goy at market rates.
Step 5: Blackrock and others create SPC (special purpose corps), corps that are allowed to raise funds with no declared purpose, outside of SEC regulations, and then buy up all the collapsed goy businesses destroyed by the covid scam.
Rinse. Repeat

Just like Germany in the 20's and 30's...

Blogger Joe April 12, 2021 8:53 PM  

"the poor can be welfare eaters, which works even better to keep them dependent and voting for more of the same.

That's a euphemism for useless eaters, and the plan isn't for them to be kicking around for long.

Blogger Stg58/Animal Mother April 12, 2021 9:02 PM  


Blogger Boo Boo the Fool, Esquire April 12, 2021 9:07 PM  

You're seeing Blackrock do with real estate what they first did with corporate stock. Every dollar the Federal Reserve prints is used to buy up the United States and fund evil against the American taxpayer.

Blogger Bigger Bunyip April 12, 2021 9:08 PM  

Catherine Austin Fitts has been on top of this since the mid 1980s when she was assistant secretary for HUD. 40 years of gutting communities and transferring wealth.
Now it's the middle and upper middle classes time to get the heave.

Blogger Ransom Smith April 12, 2021 9:38 PM  

The housing market is really screwed up. Stuff in the middle of nowhere with no fiber or even cable internet is overpriced. So you know it isn't filthy urbanite telecommuters buying it up.

Blogger Sicilian switchblade April 12, 2021 9:40 PM  


Ten years ago ICF construction was about 15% higher than stick framed in my area. I'd say that gap has closed with Lumber prices what they are currently. Having walls rated at R-60 isn't half bad either!

Blogger Obrien1984 April 12, 2021 9:53 PM  

The hits keep on coming. No way I would have thought this country would end so badly. I had my mind more on something of a kinetic nature. It's makes sense though after the long march through the institutions and the build up of China.
Maybe something kinetic will be the cherry on top.

Blogger drsmith48167 April 12, 2021 9:54 PM  

Who are these buyers, many ask? From my experience in moving from Michigan to Northern Florida, it is mostly people from large cities.

Since I’ve moved down, have met or run into over 30 people/couples who have either fully moved full time or are planning to move in the future full time and have bought 2nd homes.

Funny thing is no one says why they are moving; but since most are from larger cities (Nashville, Atlanta, Chicago, Toronto, Mobile, Dallas, Boston, to name a few). And I guess it goes without saying. They are mostly white and all are middle to upper middle class and all have kids - as someone else wrote here, that is exactly why they are getting out th o more rural areas - they are parents trying to do the best for their families. In talking to them, even the black couple, you can tell they aren’t really buying what the leftist are selling. They just aren’t; they are far more conservative/traditional then they likely let on back where they came from, so yes I do believe they are either waking up or have woke up.

Blogger John Rockwell April 12, 2021 10:16 PM  

I wish concrete wasn't that ugly grey colour bloody depressing.

Blogger scimitar April 12, 2021 10:25 PM  

It's the financialization of everything... Everything is becoming a commodity... I hate to admit but the person who's been right and writing about all this is Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi ( who is on the populist Left like Jimmy Dore and Glen Greenwald and now cast into the outer darkness )...

Blogger John Rockwell April 12, 2021 10:27 PM  


Black cube is associated with Goddess worship. And gender inversion with the males castrating themselves and females pretending to be male:

Unfortunately wikipedia edited out the castration and cross dressing associated with said goddess cult. But it seems to come with Goddess worship.

Blogger Avalanche April 12, 2021 11:00 PM  

@13 "They have holdings in single family home rental companies."

Really glad my HOA, about two years ago, went through the trial of getting a rental cap of no more than 10% of (142) homes put into the Covenants. It took two complete go-rounds, and several weeks before each deadline going door-to-door trying to get enough signatures. First time missed the deadline, second time succeeded. Whew!

We already had 3-4 "consortiums" who'd bought houses and were renting them out. Plus a few owners who'd upgraded out of the subdivision and rented their homes. Mostly white middle-/upper-middle place, about an hour N of Atlanta. Several subdivs are being built around us; thankfully all much higher cost than ours: our houses sell ~$300k.

Fingers crossed the zombie in control doesn't manage to get his claws into requiring low-income multi-family crap up here!

Blogger Avalanche April 12, 2021 11:20 PM  

@44 "It's disgusting to see people having no problem at all"

You give them/us WAY too much credit! (ha. no pun intended.) It's not "having no problem" -- it's having no idea or ability WHATSOEVER about what to do. When the problem is both intractable AND requires massive change across multiple systems.... what the heck am *I* supposed to do? Fix the banking system?! What, are you kidding?

They just STOLE the election, in broad daylight, wearing loud colors, and making lots of noise (plus burning down cities and attacking cops). And I'm supposed to be able to DO something about that?!

This is not despair; this is a description of WELL more than half of all the Euro-derived White Christians or almost Christians who know what the problem is! I know LOTS of people who absolutely have a problem with it, who describe 'us' as accelerating towards a fiscal cliff leading to *death* ... but what can they do? How can they find a brake, much less operate one?

Most people are NOT "above average" intelligence and have extremely little useful education. The ones who ARE above intelligence, and maybe have enough education (or amydala function) to SEE the cliff approaching, still have no idea WHAT to do. Many more folks are prepping than ever before. Lots of folks are buying silver and gold, and food. Those who can are trying to move further out. Record numbers have bought guns, or more guns. That will NOT keep us from flying over the cliff edge.

Do you think we can fix or save or create -- and get accepted/implemented -- some monetary system that will if not fix, at least SLOW, the 'flying off'?

Blogger Colonel Blimp April 12, 2021 11:36 PM  

The problem economically with this theory should be obvious, glut of money or not. I ll just wait until yet another bubble bursts and buy whatever the clowns are buying now for 40 percent of what they signed their lives over to buy. In 09 many just walked away and left the keys.

The problem is those families in the here and now that don't have a firm dwelling setup. The market is so cramped because few are willing to sell during covid and enter the same low supply market. I fully expect prices to tank by September as summer kills off the bulk of what is left of covid. Anyone who has bought from beginning of last year until this resets is getting hosed in the extreme unless you are in one of maybe 3 pop booming markets.

Blogger asIMust April 13, 2021 12:00 AM  

This may have been said already so I apologize:
Black Rock
They have owners and employees. They can be found. Evergreen rules.

Blogger John Rockwell April 13, 2021 12:36 AM  

Intergalactic still retains the evidence:

Also this is associated with the goddess worship linked to Black Cube:

Blogger JK April 13, 2021 1:35 AM  

It is the boomer's final chance to 'harvest' more profit from their progeny. It was always going to come to this- big spike in their biggest asset to extend childhood into oblivion.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out, boomer.

Blogger SQT April 13, 2021 2:15 AM  

I *think* I know something about this because my husband was just explaining this to me as a client was selling this particular investment.

What they are doing is buying up real estate as an investment vehicle. They bundle together multiple types of RE from single family dwellings, apartments and commercial and sell shares to investors with a guaranteed rate of return based on rental income.

I think this was designed to capitalize on the last housing crash created by the banks and the fed while also giving them more control over the investment because as long as they have investors, and with a guaranteed ROI they always will, they won't be subject to the boom/bust cycle. In fact I think they might be engineering the cycle to capitalize on the next bust so they can buy up more properties at the expense of the American taxpayer. Scary when you think about how slickly they work the system.

Blogger Angantyr April 13, 2021 2:24 AM  

I know what you mean. Unfortunately, the means of solving the problem requires several more high yield thermonuclear devices than I presently possess. I have to say it is vexing to, as you note, know exactly what needs to be done to solve the problem, but have utterly no power to achieve these ends in even very small measure.

As an aside, your statement about gun purchases is spot on, as even black powder reproductions are in many cases sold out! I've not exhaustively searched, and I'm sure some 2nd hand stuff is on GunsAmerica, etc., but the retailers seem to be out of EVERYTHING. I originally did a search for a "Sheriff's" model 1860 Army (not a historically accurate sort of thing, but something that was on occasion custom made by frontier gunsmiths, with a shortened barrel for concealed carry) and found that not only those were long gone, but everything else. Even items that are not very heavy for carrying around, such as 1847 Walkers and 1848 Dragoons, are unobtainium. That is very interesting, esp. considering that these can be bought (well, when in stock) and shipped right to your door, no FFL required (unless in Neu Jersey, Hawaii and other similarly benighted jurisdictions) and once can further with some models buy conversion cylinders that allow for the firing of modern cartridges downloaded to blackpowder specs.

Just an observation and YMMV, etc., but I do find it most... curious.

Blogger Feather Blade April 13, 2021 2:28 AM  

John Rockwell wrote:I wish concrete wasn't that ugly grey colour bloody depressing.

That's what they invented dyes and stain for.

Not that you see the concrete with insulated concrete forms. You can put anything you want as the cladding for that.

Blogger Emmanuel April 13, 2021 3:03 AM  

Cheap housing a very important asset for an economy, and having BlackRock grifters obviously hurts. China gets it right : you can only own one home in a given city (and there are other, mroe complex restrictions on secondary homes). Home ownership should be for home-occupying citizens only, with rental operations facing significantly higher charges.

As for home flippers, the French socialist state has an efficient solution : an 9% sales tax on real estate.

Blogger T.L. Ciottoli April 13, 2021 4:44 AM  

What will the Boomer do?!?! ... Nothing.

The front line of our civilizational and communal defense have already fled the field of battle into tennis matches, golf games, Netflix and so on. All their guns are worthless and meaningless without the will or ability to fire them at our enemies.

They are literally leaving their grandchildren to fend for themselves while Gen X and older Millenials get mowed down by the Leviathan. And yes, of course, they are mostly Boomers and their non-white allies on the other side gleefully murdering and enslaving Whites.

White AWFLs, white badge niggers, and white military personnel will not flinch to help bury and genocide their own People. Both out of demonic possession through ideology and out of love of money, of that monthly dopamine hit they get as FEDGOV deposits mullah into their accounts. They will kill off as many of their own people as necessary to keep a hold of their McMansions and lands. With no remorse. With pride that they're the 'good guys' and Might Means Right.

A lot of Boomers and traitorous whites are going straight to hell, that is for sure.

Blogger T.L. Ciottoli April 13, 2021 4:51 AM  

Avalanche wrote:I know LOTS of people who absolutely have a problem with it, who describe 'us' as accelerating towards a fiscal cliff leading to *death* ... but what can they do?

Yep, and that's half the problem. They don't want to see their SPIRITUAL death, their financially based Nihilism, their moral degeneracy and faults.

Doomsdayers will have cold comfort saying "I was RIGHT" when they wake up in Hell. God will not ask them how 'right' they were about a financial collapse that anyone with two brain cells could foresee. He'll be asking them a great many questions. They will not be questions about bond market yields.

Midas is a story for the poor as much as the rich. Midas is the story for every man who financializes their world and there might not be any generations in the history of the world that has financialized the world, their family members, Creation, everything, more than Boomers. They've had a million chances to wake up. Even children's tales were screaming at THEM to wake up. They haven't woken up, even the ones who know about the financial collapse. Even those are still blind.

Blogger T.L. Ciottoli April 13, 2021 4:52 AM  

Avalanche wrote:Fingers crossed the zombie in control doesn't manage to get his claws into requiring low-income multi-family crap up here!

Hope is not a plan.

Blogger Zeroh Tollrants April 13, 2021 4:57 AM  

My son is in the process of buying his first home. He's under contract for a house that's only average, yet have 67 separate offers the 3 days it was on the market.
This shouldn't be happening in this area.

Blogger Harambe April 13, 2021 6:06 AM  

This makes me angry. I might be a millennial and all, but I have a wife and kid and I don't want to expose them to cheap apartment living. I want a house where we can put up monkey bars and I have a garage to do stuff in. And I want it to be paid off by the time I'm old so I don't have to stress about rent while I rant about "today's young kids having it easy" (or whatever old people do with all that spare time).

Blogger SnaveTex2018 April 13, 2021 7:37 AM  

My ranch-style house would have cost about 15K in materials at the start of Covid-19. Now, it would take me about 40K to build it. The Housing Bubble will take forever to bust, if inflation keeps up at this rate. . .

Blogger Azure Amaranthine April 13, 2021 8:26 AM  

To me, it's obvious. They're attempting to capitalize on the either the diversification or the balkanization. Either one places good Euro-derived neighborhoods as high value targets.

Things like this --rent-seeking investors exploiting/abusing/stealing public funds in order to monopolize the common man-- are why the civil war has to go hot, foreign claimants on properties will not be respected because they can not be respected.

Blogger Azure Amaranthine April 13, 2021 8:28 AM  

"Hope is not a plan."

True, and reprisals are a losing plan. Extrapolate....

Blogger Damelon Brinn April 13, 2021 8:58 AM  

There *is* a massive white migration going on, the extent of which won't be clear until a future census (if we're still doing that by 2030). And it's all in one direction, out of the cities into red areas. Even before the riots of Summer 2020, a ton of people had fled NYC because Covid, and thanks to remote work policies many never went back to paying the insane housing prices there. Jerry Seinfeld went on TV last spring to talk about how NYC was doing fine, which was a sure sign it was dying.

And it's all one-way. There's not even the usual steady trickle of young people moving to the city for excitement, and college lockdowns and remote-learning helped reduce that too. The exodus from the cities is real and growing. White people are realizing, whether they'll say it out loud or not, that they need more distance between themselves and those who hate them.

Add to that Wall Street types buying property to hedge against the inflation they're about to create, Chinese and Indians buying up land with the dollars we've been shipping them for 30 years, and Latins coming across the wide-open-again border to get in place for the next amnesty, and you get a lot of pressure on the market. Especially in small communities where there are only a few houses for sale at any given time, so it takes only a few extra buyers to drive prices up.

The takeaway: wherever you live, no matter how deep red it is now, it's past time to start bracing for urban refugees and figuring out how "welcoming" you're going to be. Are there things we can do to keep out the urbanites who will soon get depressed by the lack of Indian restaurants and rap bars and try to turn our homes into theirs?

Blogger Storm Rhode April 13, 2021 9:35 AM  

Awhile back I recall China or Japan bought some real estate or a movie studio in California and since they were absentee landlords the local governments pounded them with high fees and taxes. Seems to me if people have a problem with the way local real estate is being bought up by nonlocal sources, jacking up the property taxes on them during local county evaluations would solve the problem.

As for the boomers. They're retired, fearfully watching Covid news and clutching their savings as inflation causes it to run through their fingers. This one is our softball Gen-X, trans kids is too. What are we gonna do about it?

I've noticed some zoomer guys listening to 80s music and looking back on it with nostalgia, even though they were not there. Reminds me of how I view the boomer's parents, my grandparent. The young don't know all that was lost but some know something is missing. Our WW1, WW2, French Revolution etc... time is now. Sometimes the good guys lose, especially when good people do bad things because they think they're being good, which is much of the time.

Pray for us all and do what you can as God's Providence unfolds.

Blogger Gregory the Tall April 13, 2021 9:37 AM  

Black Rock seems to know that not everybody will die from the vaccine.

Blogger kmbr April 13, 2021 9:52 AM  

*Hope s not a plan*

Hope is not a strategy at this point- Sam Andrews

Just discovered Sam. He is a bad ass.

Blogger Colonel Blimp April 13, 2021 10:17 AM  

No supply since no one sells during this level of high price high uncertainty. It will get better as covid fear wanes.

Think about it. Let's say you live in a popular city. You bought your house in 2010 when prices had tanked for 200k. You were pleased as punch in 2018 when it was worth 300k from several factor but mostly higher demand of people moving in. Now that its 2021 you can sell your home for 385 no problem but what can you buy?? A closet? A tract home in the country? No youll have to spend an extra 200k on top of your home sale to get marginally better than what you have, if not the same. Most people can't afford to do this, nor is it desirous in the first place, so they sit on it.

When one does come up due to death or a company move, they are snatched up by family backed young adult buyers who do not yet realize how insane it is to buy a 1200sq ft home for what ten year ago procured a mansion.

Anyone else, working families, normal people, have no chance.

Blogger Colonel Blimp April 13, 2021 10:18 AM  

This is my only worry with housing.

Blogger Ominous Cowherd April 13, 2021 12:53 PM  

Colonel Blimp wrote:When one does come up due to death or a company move, they are snatched up by family backed young adult buyers who do not yet realize how insane it is to buy a 1200sq ft home for what ten year ago procured a mansion.
A suburban house is a place to consume, is a drag on the family, is totally unsustainable without constant outside inputs. Lose your job and you quickly lose the ability to live in the suburban house, even if you can pay the mortgage.

It makes sense to buy a smallish farm with a well and a woodlot and the option to provide your own food.

Blogger Azimus April 13, 2021 3:21 PM  

103. Sam GemApril 12, 2021 8:04 PM

3/4” Plywood Standard:

March 2020 - $37.98 /sheet
February 2021 - $72.49 /sheet
March 2021 - $83.49 /sheet
April 2021 - $95.98 /sheet

Yikes, wherever you live, buy a flatbed and go up to Fargo and buy a truckload of plywood - selling for $47/sheet at Menards right now. If you re-sell for $85, assuming plywood weights out, you can get 658 sheets on a truck. Gross profit of $25,000, minus transport. I'll assume you're in Florida (where Plywood is always expensive), thats maybe $4,000 if you hire out a truck from ND to FL? Put $21k in your pocket, not bad for a few hours on the phone selling to GC's!

Blogger Azimus April 13, 2021 3:26 PM  

147. Ominous CowherdApril 13, 2021 12:53 PM
A suburban house is a place to consume, is a drag on the family, is totally unsustainable without constant outside inputs. Lose your job and you quickly lose the ability to live in the suburban house, even if you can pay the mortgage.

Even without a mortgage it doesn't work out on paper - utilities taxes and upkeep are a minimum $400/month for a modest house, for McMansions must be closer to $1,000/month. That's why I'm in the market for acreage. My back yard is going to be a green gold mine growing crops and I'm going to have an asset that pays ME, not the other way round. More work but what the heck I prefer working to sitting around sipping beer and complaining about Creepy Joe anyway.

Blogger xevious2030 April 13, 2021 4:45 PM  

“They're attempting to capitalize on the either the diversification or the balkanization.”

It’s both. In less than ten years, my house has more than doubled in value, while blacks are furiously moving and being moved into the area, for section eight, and to be in a safe environment from the other blacks and the Hispanics. The tagging has taken quite the uptick in this safer area, along with the expected nighttime stupidity.

Front row seats in the process. They won’t be moving where I move next though. Diversification, balkanization, segregation. But yes, those areas are being targeted. Blood to the blood god. And the state is people.

Blogger Shadetree223 April 13, 2021 5:28 PM  

Double plus good
Good for you
Good for me

Cadence of the Woke Brigade

Blogger Gospace April 13, 2021 5:44 PM  

Looks like magnesium oxide board may now be cost competitive with plywood. There are American and Chinese manufacturers. The American producers have no prices listed- have to submit for a quote. Alibaba has a lot of sources... with prices.

One American maker if you've never heard about it:

Blogger drsmith48167 April 13, 2021 7:00 PM  

From Gab CEO:

Everyone knows that we are in a bubble. Most are saying it bursts this summer when the 2.7m people who have not been paying their mortgages run out of time and have to start paying them again.
Scott Budman
Google says the search question “When is the housing market going to crash?” jumped 2,450% in the past month.

"“How much over asking price should I offer on a home?" is up 350% in the past week.

He’s not wrong that we are in a bubble. However, it is possible it may not burst fir quite awhile, or maybe just slowly deflate. BiddenCamelToe’s administration isn’t going to allow another crash to happen, not when they can blame it on COVID and print more money.

No, it will be propped up - banks snd Wall Street will not lose their money. What will happen is the house will be foreclosed on, but the government will buy the houses from the banks at the mortgage amount, then those house will be turned over to the new Americans and presto - instant low income housing in the suburbs! Which is what they want anyway. Yeah, mostly white people and a few middle to upper middle class blacks and Latinos will
Suffer ( because they are traitors to the cause!), too, but who cares? Certainly not the less than 29 million who actually for real voted for Sleepy Joe and the former adult entertainer/former proud black woman that now identifies as an Indian....

Blogger Prodigal Son April 14, 2021 8:35 AM  

Both my brothers sold and bought. Locals anticipating high inflation. Want to lock in the current price at these interest rates since wages always struggle to rise with inflation.

Blogger OneWingedShark April 15, 2021 2:11 PM  

Storm Rhode wrote:Pray for us all and do what you can as God's Providence unfolds.

Blogger ThatWouldBeTelling April 18, 2021 3:56 PM  

Foreigners as well.

Blogger Drivin' Reins April 19, 2021 12:31 AM  

In Mexico, Piedras Negras ("Black Rocks"), is on the Rio Bravo across from Eagle Pass, TX.

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