Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Saker is not optimistic

Even though Biden has, to a certain extent, backed down, The Saker is still concerned about the prospects of war over Ukraine:

Bad news all around today.  The US has just slammed provocative sanctions against Russia even though the US ambassador to Moscow was summoned to the Foreign Ministry and clearly told that if the US imposes more sanctions there will be no meeting between Putin and Biden.

Then there is this: the US has informed the Turkish authorities that they will not send two USN ships into the Black Sea.  This is politically a good sign, but in military terms, this is what the US should be doing if they were preparing for war.  Why?  Because any USN ship in the Black Sea at the moment of the initiation of a conflict would be sunk withing minutes: not only do the Russians have formidable missiles – Bal and Bastion – they had SIX advanced diesel-electric submarines of the 636.3 class ready to “greet” them.  Keep in mind that engaging submarines without air cover is another form of collective suicide.

So, the phone call was a deception and the US is still going down the road towards war with Russia.

In my professional opinion, what I see is a joint preparation by the Ukronazis and the USA (along with the UK and Poland) to attack the Donbass and force a conflict upon Russia.

It is very hard for me to see how a war could be avoided.

UPDATE: Biden has just declared a national emergency in the USA in response to the Russian threat.  He will make a special address to the nation tonight.

I don't have an opinion, simply because I have no confidence about who is actually calling the shots behind the scenes of the Biden Not-Administration. If it's China or the neoclowns, there will be war. If it is the US military, there will not be war.

Biden, of course, has no idea what is going on. The question is, who is writing his script? 



Blogger Leo Littlebook ID:16216229492837658552 April 15, 2021 6:33 PM  

I think this is the precipice for the Great Awakening and also how the puppet heel Biden has his credibility destroyed with everyone. No war between USA and Russia will occur. Trump has most of USMIL, and will be president July 4. Taiwan will stand and Xi will fall, but war with China is possible.

Blogger Turk187 April 15, 2021 6:40 PM  

If war happens, will the diversity hire generals in the white house just disappear, or what?

Blogger papabear April 15, 2021 6:54 PM  

Lord have mercy.

Blogger liberranter April 15, 2021 6:59 PM  

[Biden] will make a special address to the nation tonight.

Prediction: it won't be Biden, but a hologram that delivers the address. I don't doubt for a second that Biden's puppeteers learned their lesson from the last press conference and won't ever again let him speak in public about anything of real importance.

Blogger millerized April 15, 2021 7:16 PM  

Better question...who is going to read his script. He's definitely not coherent enough to do it.

Blogger Lazarus April 15, 2021 7:21 PM  

National state of Clown Urgency

Blogger The Course of Empire April 15, 2021 7:28 PM  

Kamala is more likely writing the script than Usurper Joe.

Blogger Charlie April 15, 2021 7:34 PM  

The current clown show in the White House need a war right about now to distract the masses from the collapse that is headed our way.

Blogger Akulkis April 15, 2021 7:37 PM  

If this continues, I might resign from the Army before hitting mandatory retirement.

This suicidally stupid.

Blogger ZhukovG April 15, 2021 7:38 PM  

Russia and China, it seems to me, have been trying to avoid direct confrontation with the US. Preferring instead to allow the US Empire to collapse on its own. The US Empire is extremely unstable right now and could be looking for a quick victory to shore up the legitimacy of the ruling elite.

Ukraine has the misfortune of playing the role of 'Serbia 1914' in this tragicomedy. As in WWI, I believe that 'quick victory' will prove an elusive prize and the world will be plunged into chaos.

Blogger Meanoldbasterd April 15, 2021 7:57 PM  

If your objective is to,destroy Russia and her people and Christian civilization, then war with the US regime is a good way to get it.
Step 1: provoke war with Russia
Step 2: lose badly
Step 3: induce dying American empire to launch nuclear attack on Russia, destroying her utterly...
Step 4: watch USA be destroyed in return by counterattack.
Step 5: (((mission accomplished)))

Blogger Crew April 15, 2021 7:57 PM  

Stock up on popcorn. It will become very expensive once the war starts!

Blogger Doktor Jeep April 15, 2021 7:57 PM  

National emergency eh?
Well at least Sauron's eye is off us for the moment.

But knowing the level of insanity these pretenders are running on, I would not put it past them to stoke a cold war with Russia solely to be able to use emergency defense powers against American dissidents.
Cue the usual "I told you so" to all the cucks who had no problem when Bush the W was making inroads into this sort of thing.

We can just about pile all the chess pieces up and make up rules as we go. Political Calvinball is in effect. Our best earthly chance is America being just as bad at tyranny as it was preventing it.

Blogger thethirdcoast April 15, 2021 7:58 PM  

So, the Ukraine nothingburger is a national emergency and the southern border is a nothingburger?

Blogger Noah B. April 15, 2021 8:23 PM  

I keep thinking we've hit peak insanity and just keep being wrong.

Blogger Sapper April 15, 2021 8:31 PM  

Instead of shipping all the illegals to points unknown in the states, send them to the bases' CIF, uniform and equip them. Woke military leadership will have full ranks once again... Magic dirt finally has a price...

Blogger Bearable Pain April 15, 2021 8:33 PM  

Hollywood - the Monotheists - the Prometheans are writing the script. But being right or wrong doesn't seem to matter anymore.

Blogger Crush Limbraw April 15, 2021 8:38 PM  

National emergency? Apparently war with Russia got beat out by a higher priority on DaEveningNews - another cop shot another pure innocent victim of racism. Rinse and repeat!

Blogger Canadian Warlord April 15, 2021 8:38 PM  

"President Joe Biden will issue an executive order on Thursday authorizing the U.S. government to sanction any sector of the Russian economy and will use it to restrict Russia’s ability to issue sovereign debt to punish Moscow for interfering in the 2020 U.S. election, senior Biden administration officials said."
Punish Russia for interfering with the 2020 election? The demopublicans' plan is to blame Russia for their own crime - wow. That's beyond merely delusional, that is flat-out insane.

Blogger AdognamedOp April 15, 2021 8:38 PM  

Biden held a press conference earlier and talked about Russian hacking, solar wind or something. I didn't hear anything about a national emergency

Blogger Dark Hobbesian April 15, 2021 8:51 PM  

Where’s he seeing the stuff about Biden addressing the nation and declaring an emergency? The only thing I see is Biden preparing to address two weeks. (Because he’s so out of it he needs that much takeoff room to speak coherently for an hour.)

Given Biden’s condition, a sudden emergency address to the nation like Saker is claiming would be a huge tell that things are about to get really, really bad.

Blogger thethirdcoast April 15, 2021 8:52 PM  

Tomorrow, Basement Joe and Japan are going to talk tough to China about Taiwan:

Maybe Potato Joe can challenge Xi to a pushup contest!

Blogger DrivingDissent April 15, 2021 8:54 PM  

The big play in ukraine would of eviscerated Russians defence industrial capacity. China would gain greatly by neutering Russia's ability to make war.. All the clown world crap and it's nexus point with NGO's whose Massive funding sources are a mystery..

Who Gains? Europe doesn't wanna mess with the bear and it's a no win situation for America as well..

Blogger Azimus April 15, 2021 9:01 PM  

Open war has never been the swamp's way unless it was their favorite sport of genociding (mostly arab) brown people with their high tech gizmo's. I would be very surprised if war came of this - though they don't seem to care for slavs much either (sorry serbia)

Blogger xevious2030 April 15, 2021 9:09 PM  

Biden functions as Obama’s’ Bravo. Obama wants to keep the Persians appeased so they don’t off him. The Persians just want to sell their oil, instead of using it for electricity. And (((they)) don’t want that.

Blogger Tim Gilley April 15, 2021 9:17 PM  

There is a time for war and a time for peace, but Ukraine is not the place. Anyone who desires war is a fool so war it will likely be. If war is brought upon us then it must be engaged with overwhelming force and brutality. I don't think our politicians or people have enough warriors remaining to accomplish such a horrible task.

Blogger Jack Ward April 15, 2021 9:23 PM  

Potassium Iodide:

Potassium iodide
Potassium iodide is a chemical compound, medication, and dietary supplement. As a medication it is used to treat hyperthyroidism, in radiation emergencies, and to protect the thyroid gland when certain types of radiopharmaceuticals are used. In the developing world it is also used to treat skin sporotrichosis and phycomycosis.Wikipedia
Trade names:
iOSAT, SSKI, ThyroSafe, ThyroShield, others
Pregnancy, category:

One brand name was Rad Block and was intended to sturate the Thyroid to help pervent radition [atomic war] from getting into your throid and killing you. My Rad Block has expired though I would use it in a pinch. Tommorow: get more from wherever I can get it. Probably should tonight; by tommorow we may be at war with Russia.
I certainly hope this satisfies Trumps idea of 'at the brink' mention some months ago and that there is some sane plan afoot. I seriously doubt I will ever trust any politician, Trump or not, again, much less the various goverment departments whatever they are.

Blogger Silent Draco April 15, 2021 9:47 PM  

@9 "Suicidally stupid". That, with bells on, Akulkis. 1 Delta 10 Tango, 1 liter, 24/case, case 1 ea, NSN IDIOT.

Good way to eviscerate brigades quickly. You have to get to Donbass from eastern Poland, with a very stretched logistic tail. Meeting engagements and attrition will rip holes, and the reasonable guess is Russians will look for fuel trucks first, C3 second. That's obvious from reading von Mellethin, Guderian, and a couple others, and simple map exercises with Panzerblitz- style units.

Making an inspired guess that the short answer from games is probably [EXPLETIVES] NO!, and I hope the gaming teams gave the short answer. It depends on how the theater and corps/division commanders value their troops.

I'm glad my nephew is done with service, but there are other relatives, friends, and their children that I'll be praying for, constantly, now.

Blogger Didas Kalos April 15, 2021 10:17 PM  

Paul Craig Roberts.

"If you look into the eyes of Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, you are looking into eyes willing and able to destroy you. If you look into the eyes of Biden, Kamala, Austin, Blinkin, you are looking into eyes that hate white patriotic Americans. The Woke Regime in Washington is powerless against Shoigu who can walk through woke creatures easier than walking through wet paper bags."

Blogger NewTunesForOldLogos April 15, 2021 10:52 PM  

If (((someone))) is interested in getting rid of white Christians, getting Russia and America to kill off several million of one another would be a good way to do it.

Blogger Chief_Tuscaloosa April 15, 2021 11:03 PM  

To the blackpillers who want to roll over and lube up:
- Illegal aliens have not been given blanket citizenship (yet);
- Guns with barrels longer than 1" have not been outlawed (yet);
- The US Pretend Administration has not started a war with the home of the Russian Orthodox church (yet);
- Voter fraud reduction laws are activating every Cabal agent under the sun, to the point the world's largest sugar-water manufacturer was ordered to scream to the heavens that Georgia hates legitimate black voters. Because showing picture ID is racist(?).

Vox and AC have it right--there's a ton of weirdness going on that isn't easily explained.

Trump, Q, whitehats, any or all of the above have not exited the theater, and the movie isn't over yet.

Blogger Boaty Bear April 15, 2021 11:08 PM  

Except, Nukes even existing is questionable.

Blogger NedFlinders April 15, 2021 11:21 PM  

All sides are owned by the same banking families.
This is all theater.
Except for people dumb or unfortunate enough to become involved.
For them the consequences will be very real.

Blogger Jandolin April 15, 2021 11:25 PM  

Who is the ventriloquist for President Bernie?

Blogger Bernard Korzeniewicz April 15, 2021 11:39 PM  

The key is Turkmenistan.
The way from China to Iran and Caucasus and European Russia.
As long as the US keep units in Afganistan that road is closed. Threat level 4/10.
Bidenbot really taking people from Kandahar and Kabul indicates the real thing comming.

Blogger Shimshon April 15, 2021 11:51 PM  

Vox, you said it all in your title: "The Saker is not optimistic".

Russians, by their nature, are not optimistic. Has anyone ever met an optimistic Russian? They are, however, very good chess players.

Blogger Nate April 15, 2021 11:58 PM  

i can't take saker seriously at this point. Its like Q and Karl Denniger. They've been wrong to much for me to care about what they have to say.

What will happen will happen.

if I were betting... I would bet on China being in control and it all being a distraction. China doesn't actually want war between the US and Russia... they just want us to not be paying attention to them.

Blogger ScottC April 16, 2021 12:36 AM  

Is this why Biden pulled the troops out of Afghanistan?

Blogger Autarky Bear April 16, 2021 1:40 AM  

If anyone attacks the US we will see blatantly how paper thin our perceived strength is. I imagine the dollar would get hit hard first and suddenly everything in the US is 4 times more expensive then it already is, which when most things are already more expensive and the economy is in a semi depression. There isn't anything holding the value up but carefully timed bluffs and old habits of other countries that still rely on us to be a dominant/ strongest country in the world. We'll see what happens, but seeing things like this make me wonder if Vox's prediction on US collapse of the existing government structure will actually be able to make it to 2033. Because as it stands right now, it's less stable then a house of cards soaked in gasoline, built on a stick of dynamite.

Blogger Arthur Isaac April 16, 2021 1:42 AM  

Wait, I thought suggesting there was foreign interference in elections meant summary deletion.

Blogger SciVo April 16, 2021 2:09 AM  

if I were betting... I would bet on China being in control and it all being a distraction. China doesn't actually want war between the US and Russia... they just want us to not be paying attention to them.

I agree, and what's more I bet that the worldies think that they're in control and that the CCP is playing right into their hands, when it's really the other way around.

Blogger Ferdl April 16, 2021 2:48 AM  

How can there be doubts about who is writing the script after seeing who dominates the Biden administration, who finances the Rinos and who governs in Ukraine (a billionaire who does not even reside in Ukraine via a private puppet that he has financed already during his time as a comedian).

Blogger wahr01 April 16, 2021 4:08 AM  

The logic here is stunning.

"Russia is defending its own back yard and this is a national emergency here in the states"

Blogger Avalanche April 16, 2021 6:42 AM  

@5 "Better question...who is going to read his script. He's definitely not coherent enough to do it."

Aren't they ever-so-lucky that masks-masks-masks prevent us from seeing his lips move. We STILL know they're all lying!

Blogger matism April 16, 2021 7:35 AM  

The filthy maggot tribe swill yearn for the "good old days" of their Messiahs - Lenin and Stalin - who they helped murder FIFTY MILLION across Russia and Eastern Europe. But those surely do not count since they were mostly only Goyim!

The filthy maggot tribe swill own the Democrat party.

Slow Joe merely dances to the tune of his owners!!!

Blogger Crew April 16, 2021 8:52 AM  

To figure out what is going to happen, look for logistical preparations.

Blogger Damelon Brinn April 16, 2021 8:59 AM  

China wouldn't want a full-blown WWIII between US and Russia, because that would damage the US's ability to buy China's cheap crap. But getting the US bogged down in a proxy war or two would suit their interests fine. Problem is, the retards in D.C. are liable to try to start the latter and stumble into the former.

Blogger Stilicho April 16, 2021 9:15 AM  

Since the US is sanctioning Russia for Chinese interference in US elections, does this mean that China is now responsible for the holocaust?

Blogger Unknown April 16, 2021 9:29 AM  

@29 Is "Western-worshiping Russian Atlanticists Integrationists" another term for "Prometheans"?

Blogger Valley Forge Patriot April 16, 2021 10:25 AM  

Good Evening Mr. Phelps,

The man you are looking at is George Soros, a wealthy Hungarian industrialist. He and his organization, Open Society Foundations, have been organizing and bankrolling overthrows of democratically elected governments across Eastern Europe and former republics of the Soviet Union. In each case, Soros has installed a puppet government that is communist/socialist in nature and answers to him.

Soros' biggest prize to date is the conquest of the United States. This woman, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Soros' chief lieutenant in the USA, successfully stole the election from Donald Trump via blatant vote fraud and vote manipulation. Soros then installed a puppet government with Joe Biden as a figurehead leader. Clinton and the Open Society Foundation are moving rapidly to turn the USA into a socialist/communist state that would threaten the peace and freedom of the entire planet.

Your mission Jim, should you decide to accept it, is to neutralize Soros and his organization and discredit the puppet government installed over the USA. Because of the size of such an operation, the entire I.M. Force is at your disposal.

As always, if you or any member of your I.M. Force is caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.

This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds.

Good luck Jim!

Blogger Pathfinderlight April 16, 2021 12:58 PM  

Russian nuclear counterattack will be limited to the cities. The average Russian may not be able to tell the difference between Democrats and Americans, but the last 10 years of media censorship tightening has been publicly available, thanks to YouTube. Russian top leadership is well aware who their enemy is, and it isn't the rural people.

Blogger Pathfinderlight April 16, 2021 1:15 PM  

China's production dominance isn't about making profit. It's about preventing other countries from making profit. And there are plenty of other countries in the world willing to buy cheap, inferior goods.

In general, China's wallet serves the interest of the leaders' politics. This is the opposite of the current US leadership.

Blogger Matamoros April 16, 2021 2:17 PM  

Saker is hopelessly Russophilic. Here is a good article on the poisoning of Russian-Ukranian relations by Putin. It seems the chickens are coming home to roose and his regime may not survive it. Neither will America unless we can jetison Biden and the Neo-Cons.

Had Russia Not Turned Its Back on Europe, It Could have Had Far Greater Influence in Many Ukrainian Regions than It Does Now, Sidorov Says

Blogger RoRo71 April 16, 2021 2:33 PM  

My Very Important Comment gets into some scary legal territory, seeing as how “noticing” is pretty much criminalized everywhere else on the www. where it pertains to race.

It’s safe to assume I won’t get in trouble here at the blogspot for pointing to World War 2 as the “war to end all wars” among western white people, the only wrench in the pile ttbomk being the Clinton era bombing of Christian Serbs over Kosovo.

We aren’t going to kill Russians unless or until the globalists converge the entire world, the world’s IQ keeps dropping, and a planet wide civil war breaks out. Then we’ll see white soldiers killing one another again because they’ll be too ignorant of anything resembling human history and its learned lessons.

Blogger VD April 16, 2021 2:42 PM  

It seems the chickens are coming home to roose and his regime may not survive it.

You're embarrassing yourself. Just stop. Putin's approval ratings have declined a little, but they're higher than they were in 2013. And they're not only much higher than Trump or Biden ever enjoyed, they're just four points below Obama's highest-ever mark.

Blogger Ranger April 16, 2021 4:39 PM  

Sure, Russia should join the decrepit, bureaucratic, elitistic, promethean, babelist European Union. If it wasn't for that darn kid!

Blogger eclecticmn April 16, 2021 6:16 PM  

The guys at the Duran are both sons of diplomats I believe. They concluded there is no Biden admin, just warring factions who grab Joe's ear at different times. They said there was some US policy paper saying that the US should try to attract Russia away from China. So Biden calls Putin a killer and says he has no soul. The US will send warships through the straits then maybe not.

US policy toward Ukraine changes daily if not hourly. They also concluded that Russia has become very self sufficient as a result of all the sanctions. They have a dept to GDP ratio of 13% and more gold reserves than USD reserves. They have rebuilt many of the Ukraine heavy industries lost due to sanctions, although the Ukrainians have not found replacement customers so they are screwed.

If anyone is interested and can listen to this stuff somehow over a long period..... I have roku tv which I drag around to different rooms while doing long chores. I have not even started the 4 hour one, which will take me days.
Vlad replies to Joe, 'Sanctions...Bring them on' (Live)
16,974 views•Streamed live 5 hours ago
The Duran 4 hours.
US Sanctions Russia, Begs for Summit, Russia Shrugs Off Sanctions, Shelves Summit
Alexander Mercuris 40 min

Blogger papabear April 16, 2021 9:37 PM  

"Saker is hopelessly Russophilic."

He is a Russian patriot, not a cosmopolitan/liberal/globalist.

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