Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Freedom of religion

If you don't understand why Christianity is totally incompatible with "freedom of religion", you may wish to remind yourself that the United States is presently ruled by foreign invaders who worship Satan and whose religion involves the kidnapping, rape, and sexual abuse of children as well as the occasional sacrifice of people of various ages.

Do you really believe that they possess an unalienable, God-given right to do engage in the practice of their religion without any limitations on their actions imposed by the state? Remember, Constitutional rights cannot be limited by law, even if this concept is more honored in the breach than respected by the government.

If not, then you should be capable of understanding that there is no right to "freedom of religion" any more than there is a right to "freedom of speech", and that such "freedoms" are falsehoods, invented by men who hated Christendom and sought to bring it down.

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Blogger Les July 21, 2021 6:38 AM  

Which is why Americanism (a composite of several other errors) is an error, doctrinally.

Blogger ZhukovG July 21, 2021 6:45 AM  

Indeed, it does appear that the history of the USA, from its beginning, is a story of the attempted subversion and destruction of Christendom.

The coming fall of the USA, as we currently know it, may be viewed as a potentially positive development. A chance to write an explicitly Christian Nationalist constitution.

Though I am Roman Catholic; I smell a 'Globalist' stench about it, that predates Vatican II. I begin to wonder if Orthodoxy may be the way forward. Just as Russia has its Russian Orthodox Church, perhaps we Americans need an American Orthodox Church.

Blogger Shane Bradman July 21, 2021 6:54 AM  

There's also the inversion of "separation of Church and state". What it actually means is that the state cannot dictate the rules of the Church, not that the Church has no business in matters of the state. We have seen the state impose rules upon the Church by illegally and unconstitutionally placing limits on attendance and enforcing this with police.

Blogger Across the World July 21, 2021 7:18 AM  

Freedom of Religion always existed under the umbrella of laws informed by Christianity and Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence (which also was mostly Christian). No religion that heavily violated these two foundations was ever seriously considered. Nobody openly tolerated say actual human sacrifice or the ceremonial eating of the flesh of your enemies under its auspice. Those beliefs had to exist in the shadows or be heavily modified to be acceptable.

Freedom of speech is thornier. It allowed what was obscured in darkness to peek its head out in the light of day without being vulnerable to being stamped out.

Blogger chuckhough July 21, 2021 7:24 AM  

My buddy from Singapore would always try and convince me that freedom of speech was both BS and overrated. Unfortunately at the time I was was listening to Dave Rubin. But I get it now.

Blogger jmg July 21, 2021 7:26 AM  

thanks, well said

Blogger Shane Bradman July 21, 2021 7:28 AM  

Zhukov, unfortunately, national churches haven't done much better than anyone else. It was catastrophic in Sweden. The Russian Orthodox Church has their own list of problems, including KGB Bishops, abuse cover ups and financial corruption. There's a mentality that some people have that they should leave their church for "a better one", but if we keep doing this, there won't be any good ones left to run to. If your church isn't yet compromised, stay with it and act as quality control when the subverters come for you. Call out heresy when it shows up and encourage your brethren to practice their faith in an orthodox manner.

Blogger Andy July 21, 2021 7:32 AM  

Go to an Orthodox Church this weekend. Come and see.

Blogger Cary Kembla July 21, 2021 7:34 AM  

"as well as the occasional sacrifice of people of various ages"

Not wanting to be pedantic, but I don't think it's 'occasional'

Blogger Doktor Jeep July 21, 2021 7:34 AM  

America has always been about thinking there is freedom where there was none.
The Constitution was the first step in that.

Blogger CoolHand July 21, 2021 7:36 AM  

It was always my understanding that the Framers only limited the federal gov't from establishing a state mandated or controlled religion, nothing more.

Did I read it wrong, or just lack some historical context?

Totally serious question, and not trying to be a Very Smart Boy™, I'd really like to know if I've had it wrong all this time.

Blogger swiftfoxmark2 July 21, 2021 7:37 AM  

Freedom of Religion is not why the Satanic pedos took control of everything.

Ancient Israel had no such law and still found themselves ruled by the same.

They find a way. That is why the ride never ends.

Blogger Azure Amaranthine July 21, 2021 7:45 AM  

On top, we're called to be slaves to Christ, so it's not like Christians should ever allow any other religion to be freely practiced.

Any potential grey area is chock full of "I have become all things to all men so that by all means some might be saved." So the only time you're not cutting their religious freedom is when you're throwing yourself bodily into their domain to function as a high-powered shapeshifting salesman for Christ -- to cut into their religious freedom.

Blogger Azimus July 21, 2021 7:50 AM  

I believe the freedom of religion was enshrined to prevent the wholly Christian population from murdering and/or using the levers of power to punish each other over minor differences in doctrine like the Europeans got so good at. It was never conceived in the 1780's that followerrs of Christ should be so spineless as to allow a temple to hare krishna to be erected next to their churches.

That said, any elements of the constitution that still enjoy support from the power class almost certainly are being exploited to destroy Christian civilization, and that means that it was a beautiful idea that was a mistake in the real world...

Blogger Blunt Force July 21, 2021 7:52 AM  

What the Catholics built with faith, steel and blood over 1500 years, the Judaized Protestants destroyed in 5.
22,000 denominations, and all inspired/anointed by God. Chaos is not a Christian virtue.

Martin Luther, the Devil and Denomination

Torquemada did nothing wrong.

Characters of the Inquisition
by William Thomas Walsh

Blogger Dag Andy . July 21, 2021 7:54 AM  

The orthodox church still has subversives seeded into it.
This was a global campaign that began generations ago and is finally reaching critical mass.

Blogger Harambe July 21, 2021 7:55 AM  

I always thought "freedom of speech" was there so you could say the president is an orange buffoon/senile old pervert without having the feds knocking on your door.

Blogger Fishslinger Bear July 21, 2021 8:06 AM  

Truths I Learned in School (Revised Edition)

1. The sky is blue.

The end.

I think Owen is right, we are just goats to them, kept in a pen of lies, and fed a constant buffet of distraction. Living in reality is awesome, I just wish I had broken out into the wild long ago.

Blogger Russell Snow July 21, 2021 8:27 AM  

Come home.

Blogger IamDevo July 21, 2021 8:30 AM  

"Freedom" unconstrained by Christian morality is mere license. Modern Americans seem to have forgotten this. The immutable laws of the universe, as enacted by its King will eventually come into play and put an end to the stupidity. Prepare accordingly.

Blogger RandyJJ July 21, 2021 8:34 AM  

@4 Across the World

Freedom of Religion always existed under the umbrella of laws informed by Christianity and Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence (which also was mostly Christian).

The "Freedom of Religion" clause was specifically created because English monarchs (and religious leaders) had, for hundreds of years, been dictating where you could go to Church and imprisoning, persecuting, and sometimes burning those who refused. In Europe, you had the Protestant vs. Catholic wars which were spreading misery. The Freedom was specifically the freedom to practice Christianity how you wished. On which understanding, "Freedom of Religion" in no way existed under Catholic rule for over a millennia.

Nowadays, however, the clause has been reinterpreted to mean "whatever you believe goes, man."

Blogger Zaklog the Great July 21, 2021 8:41 AM  

If I understand correctly, "freedom of religion" in the U.S. originally meant the states were free to have their own state churches, but the federal government could not impose one on everyone. How it got from there to today I do not know.

Blogger Arch July 21, 2021 8:46 AM  

Our religion includes the right to prosecute and execute you for practicing evil religion. You have the freedom to be an atheist, but it will cost you everything including your soul. We just stopped enforcing our laws, and they replaced Christianity with secular humanism and scientistic materialism. Their must be religion- the only question is which one.

Blogger rumpole5 July 21, 2021 8:48 AM  

Lot of problems would be avoided if we just went back to the principle that the state may regulate matters related to the health, safety, welfare, and morals of the people. The burden to prove that should be on the state. Most religious doctrine has nothing directly to do with those issues, and usually religions and civil authority should flow along together like oil and water in the same pipe. For example, when it became clear that mask mandates and lockdowns really did not work, they should have been struck down as factually unrelated to the health, safety, welfare, and morals. No need to even raise freedom of religion. Likewise, when religion intrudes too deeply into the proper civil realm, e.g. violation of impartial legitimate crowd safety and building codes (cue the fire scene from the movie Elmer Gantry). The problem is that the law and religion have totally abandoned the balanced roles of religion and civil government that the Apostle Paul set out in his letter to the Romans.

Blogger Dos Voltz July 21, 2021 9:18 AM  

The Christian bakers continually get harassed and sued by the gays, the courts usually siding with the gays to force the Christians to bake the Cake to Celebrate Sodomy.

Good Catholic charities forced to dole out abortion pills.

Covid means shuttering churches. But not the gay bath houses.

Muslim truck driver was told by his boss to make a delivery of alcoholic beverages. He refused, citing that his religion prevented it, he had to follow the dictates of religion and conscience. He was awarded $800,000. You can't ask a person to violate his own religion, white oppressors!

There is no universal right to free speech, or to religion, or conscience or anything else.It's not possible when the groups of people involved have diametrically opposed and contradictory beliefs.

There are only certain freedoms and privileges granted to favored groups of the state.

Which is why Hollywood can openly mock Christ and the faith in the most disgusting ways imaginable, but the ADL and SPLC come down hard on anyone mocking the Holohoax, and with the FBI and DOJ as their hired jackboot thugs to enforce state-required philojewry.

Blogger Taignobias July 21, 2021 9:25 AM  

I hear the truth in your words, but the sinful nature in me rebels.

We are inherently unfree. Martin Luther adequately summarized in the title "Bondage of the Will" - we are "free" only within the limits of our (depraved) natures.

So, then, the choice is not freedom vs. bondage, but rather which chains. Bondage to the will of God is better than bondage to the destructive depravity of the sons of the devil.

Blogger Jose Miguel July 21, 2021 9:29 AM  

@7 Shane Bradman

Lumping a Lutheran national church with a Canonical Orthodox Church is a category error.

The Russian Orthodox Church has their own list of problems, including KGB Bishops, abuse cover ups and financial corruption.

The church survived the KGB, and the claimed scale of infiltration was overblown. The only KGB hierarch left, the schismatic Philaret in Ukraine, is excommunicated by the Church and is currently supported by the US State Department.

On abuse, two bishops were recently defrocked in Russia for abuse issues, you can google the same in America, an Antiochian bishop was defrocked for the same reason. 2 years ago a high ranking Serbian bishop was handed over to the authorities. How often does Rome defrock bishops in such a public manner?

On finances, I'm unsure of where the Church in Moscow is at, but I know ROCOR is transparent on finances.

encourage your brethren to practice their faith in an orthodox manner.

That's what @ZhukovG is getting at, there is only one communion that has managed to keep doing that, even under Communist and Muslim persecution and rule.

Blogger CynicalMan July 21, 2021 9:34 AM  

Even your God-given rights end where your neighbors begin.

Blogger Didas Kalos July 21, 2021 9:35 AM  

@russell Snow. Jesus said "come out!" I would rather obey Him.

Blogger Peter July 21, 2021 9:38 AM  

The "tolerant" are quite explicit about their inability to countenance the "intolerant".

Blogger Didas Kalos July 21, 2021 9:40 AM  

@Blunt Force. My ancestors were murdered by the RCC. And so were other the ancestors of people I know. You should repent for supporting murderers.

Blogger Crush Limbraw July 21, 2021 9:45 AM  

"Freedom of religion" implies there is neutral ground - there is NO NEUTRAL!
We're either servants of God or Satan.
That FACT is repeatedly reinforced into the entire infrastructure of my website and archive-library - based on many Christian authors who have become my 'go to' sources for explanations and expositions on The Kingdom of God.
There is an entire Study List on that subject which leaves no doubt about it, but it requires some serious reading comprehension and time to do it, often challenging ALL your ingrained presuppositions and binary thinking. That is why I also remind my readers that it is NOT designed for casual readers - it's for researchers.
Casual readers are welcome - and I am sure some have become researchers - but short attention spans and/or reading comprehension issues will not be helpful in research.
It all starts at - - and it never ends.

Blogger Critias July 21, 2021 10:00 AM  

It has been Christian teaching that those who govern derive their authority to rule from God above. They understand that that authority is only borrowed. With a democracy/republic those who govern derive their authority from the people they rule over - from below. It's an inversion. There can be no separation of Church and state.

It's very telling when you checkout the histories of different countries and when they got democracies imposed on them and the opening of a privately owned central bank. The two almost always go hand in hand.

Blogger Golden triangle bear July 21, 2021 10:01 AM  

Os Guinness said in his book “A Free Peoples Suicide” that Faith (of some sort) is required as an anchor in Virtue in order to maintain Freedom. For without sufficient virtue among men for self-government, “nothing less than the chains of despotism can restrain them from destroying and devouring one another.” - James Madison
The thing about this Faith is that in order to produce Virtue it must be unencumbered; freely practiced by a man without force being applied by the State or some other outside force. I could be wrong, but I think freedom of religion is more about not having a state sanctioned religion than being able to worship Satan.
The “Golden Triangle of Freedom“ is as follows;
Freedom requires virtue, Virtue requires Faith, Faith requires freedom.

Blogger Gingas July 21, 2021 10:07 AM  

There's a so-called "Christian Whistleblower" by the name of Jeffrey Daugherty going around claiming you can't be a truther and a Christian at the same time. He claims that Christianity is part of the matrix that you need to be deprogrammed from. Looks like the Prometheans are trying to decouple the patriots from Christ.

Blogger crash July 21, 2021 10:11 AM  

It seems as though it was put there to give everyone a chance to make up their own interpretation.
What did the people who enshrined it mean? What did they do?

Blogger the man July 21, 2021 10:19 AM  

Indeed, unfortunately, it seems it, along with the larger and wider heresy of modernism, has infiltrated the Church.

Blogger John Rockwell July 21, 2021 10:24 AM  

Death row and execution. They can cry out to God for mercy in death row and they will have access to the Gospel and the Holy Scripture.

But they will always receive the bullet and or rope at the end.

Blogger Leo Littlebook ID:16216229492837658552 July 21, 2021 11:02 AM  

What part of "Thou shalt have no other gods before me" was so hard to understand?

Fuck the First Amendment. Follow the First Commandment, like Phineas.

Yeah I know, it wasn't hard to understand. The state churches understood it, until the Imperial Feds had to start lying to justify its brother war. One lie begets a thousand, for Satan has many children, and the USG is one.

Death to the Great Satan and Little Satan! Congrats to the Taliban, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Blogger A Former Spartan July 21, 2021 11:10 AM  

There is a growing number of Orthodox who think the same way. Roosh is rather famous on this point, but he's one of many.

All the jurisdictions have their prelates who have taken the ticket and would like to lead us down Bergoglio's path, but as one Priest of my acquaintance once said in a sermon about Pat. Barthalamew's attempt to impose a version of Vatican II on everyone, "We're Orthodox, a "nation of priests. It's your job to hold the Bishops feet to the fire. Heresy is heresy and no one gets a pass. We're Orthodox, not Catholic."

Interestingly, it tends to be Russian parishes that have been most resistant to things like COVIDsteria. It's almost like they've seen this game before . . .

I know quite a few folks whose eyes are open and who have taken account of the nature of the times, preparing spiritually and physically. Many are young folks. It'll be interesting to see what happens with the hardcore Trad Cats as they look to the latest clownery in the See of Rome.

Blogger Canadian Warlord July 21, 2021 11:24 AM  

The speed with which the entire Western World is being moved away from Christianity, essentially guarantees a reverse counter-force in the opposite direction. This 'progressive' (aggressive) movement will actually manifest its nemesis which previously, was dormant. The simultaneous importation of a competing and naturally antagonistic theocracy, Islam, is really just putting a rock on the gas pedal of this operation. Because obviously, no one is driving this bus, anywhere but the ditch.

As to what this new nemesis state will be called, I'm leaning towards "Gilead." Margaret Atwood had some good ideas.

Blogger Cwyn July 21, 2021 11:48 AM  

@21 Correct. It's been lawyer-ed by the Lawful Evil crowd to mean anything rather than any form of Christianity.

Blogger stevo July 21, 2021 12:03 PM  

Even in the 70's I smelled a rat in the free speech movement. Maybe it was Larry Flynt..

Blogger Ominous Cowherd July 21, 2021 12:09 PM  

Across the World wrote:Freedom of Religion always existed under the umbrella of laws informed by Christianity and Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence (which also was mostly Christian).
In Christendom, F of R always, only, meant that Prots and Caths would not burn one another at the stake. It always meant we would allow our brothers heresies* which were not apostasies, and it never meant we would tolerate false religion.

*Heresy* means any belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established beliefs or customs. A belief doesn't have to be blasphemous to be heretical. Some of the beliefs of the Roman cult are seen as heresy by the Prots, and vice versa.

Blogger Ominous Cowherd July 21, 2021 12:12 PM  

CoolHand wrote:It was always my understanding that the Framers only limited the federal gov't from establishing a state mandated or controlled religion, nothing more.
Correct, seven of the 13 colonies had established religions, and they weren't about to let anybody push some other denomination. All these established religions were Christian denominations, and there was never any intent to allow satan worship any freedom or foot hold here.

Blogger JM July 21, 2021 12:19 PM  

American men, ask yourselves:
Were you circumcised?
Why? Did you have a choice in the matter?
What do the Gospels say about it?
What does your religion say about?
What does your church actually preach about it?
Why were the drawings in practically all medical texts altered in the early 1900s so as not show normal male anatomy?

Finally, ask yourself, "Do I really have freedom of religion?"

Blogger Vanners July 21, 2021 12:27 PM  

Not that I have an insight into the minds of the framers of the constitution, however it seems apparent that the religious freedom was based on the contending religions of the day, which were all Christian. Some other religions come with practices that would challenge the 1st amendment's compatibility with the common law of the time.

Blogger Scott July 21, 2021 12:28 PM  

FWIW, I've said for years that if I could destroy one religion, it would be Islam. If I could destroy two, Catholicism would be next.

Blogger Jason the Gentleman July 21, 2021 12:28 PM  

Does this imply (directly state?) that the 'founding fathers' are the "men who hated Christendom and sought to bring it down,"? They are the ones that wrote said that seems to be what it would have to mean.

Blogger Azimus July 21, 2021 12:53 PM  

Re: "Muh Catholic/Muh Protestants"

Find somewhere else to be cheerleaders for your "team". Good grief y'all its Christ's Church. He is the only thing that matters re: denominations, and in any event it doesn't happen to be the topic at hand.

Blogger Azure Amaranthine July 21, 2021 1:04 PM  

"22,000 denominations, and all inspired/anointed by God. Chaos is not a Christian virtue."

Complexity is not the chaos it appears to the stupid. Particularly, if "order" involves being bent over under pedopope as you are, you can keep it. Hint: Order/chaos is not a Christian dichotomy.

The RCC brought those five years upon themselves, like the Jews brought captivity to Babylon upon themselves. Try doing what you're supposed to be doing instead of squealing about your consequences.

Blogger Azure Amaranthine July 21, 2021 1:13 PM  

"*Heresy* means any belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established beliefs or customs."

Certain parties would like to believe that. It means "choice" with the implication that one has chosen what suits them and rejected what does not. And this is selection/rejection from scripture and sound doctrine, not from beliefs and customs.

Note in advance, all idiots, that it is possible to choose things for other reasons than that they suit you, and it is virtually inevitable that beliefs and customs contain errors, no matter how old they claim to be.

Blogger Ingemar July 21, 2021 2:39 PM  

The Church of Satan having equal rights and status with any given Christian Church should have been (just) the reductio ad absurdum, not the reality on the ground.

The tension between God's Will as ultimate good and human liberty as ultimate good is something I've been wrestling with since childhood and now that I'm older and (hopefully) wiser, there is no tension. God's way is superior, no matter how many weapons and soldiers the camp of satan has.

Blogger george synol July 21, 2021 2:46 PM  

Well, you do need to be deprogrammed from the dispenstational or millenial reign rapture version that says the Jews are still God's chosen people and makes everything about Israel. The biggest problem with Christianity is it leaves too much room for Jews to infiltrate and push Jewish agendas. In truther and conspiracy circles, they are constantly running into that, i.e. if anyone points out that Jews are doing this or that, "The Jews are God's chosen people! If you say otherwise you are of Satan! Jesus was a Jew!" So there is a point in saying Christianity is part of the matrix you must be deprogrammed from. If you say Jesus was a Jew, then so are you. This is why everyone should look into so-called heresies like Apelleanism that said Jesus was not born but as God made his body upon arrival, because then although having a real body he would not have been born as any ethnicity, thus not be a Jew.

Blogger Nobody of Consequence July 21, 2021 3:35 PM  

If one has actually read the First Amendment, freedom of religion, speech and the press ARE NOT referred to as Rights. One can find the right to peaceably assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances in the First but the others are social constructs, ones that some folks agree to share with others for better of worse.

Blogger Silly but True July 21, 2021 4:31 PM  

It’s good to remember that the first proto-Americans were first Separatists (“separate from Church of England”) whose most famous sect was the Pilgrims who settled Plymouth, MA and believed that Christians needed to gather locally in their community church which then answered to no other man save God. They were against any inter-church hierarchy, any larger church organization beyond the physical walls of their own community’s church. They came to America to be free of interferences. Their modern day evolution includes the likes of Ron Paul, Sr.

These Separatists then mistakenly united with the later Puritans of Massachusetts Bay Colony, but also Rhode Island, and New Haven.

Unlike their Separatist partners, the Puritans took the opposite view, primarily that Bay Colony would serve as the shining beacon on the hill to which every church could aspire to be, and for which all of Protestantism could ultimately conform towards: a new English Israel. The Puritans were distinguished by formal religious university training and inclination to plan affairs of others from on high. Their modern day evolution is the Massachusetts Democrat of the likes of Elizabeth Warren.

And regardless of religious affiliation, nearly all the earlier Protestants from the Midwest the West were smart enough to try to burn out the Morman cultists where they encountered them, the likes of which are Mitt Romney today.

Blogger Silly but True July 21, 2021 4:55 PM  

Whatever you call the basis for First Amendment’s prohibitions, the intent and plain text meaning should have been clear: “no” means no.

“Shall make no law,” should mean shall make no law.

Also, the Executive should be the only entity executing laws; and those laws only being given power through legislation, as might be interpreted by the Courts.

Let’s revisit any Constitutional basis of a court’s gag order and whether one SCOTUS group at one point in time even got that interpretation right.

Blogger Unknown July 21, 2021 5:11 PM  

Anyone can start a religion. It's usually a fancy term for cult.
Outlawing all clubs, including corrupt business ones like ((Freemasons)) would be a start.
Otherwise I'm starting the Saint Pinochet religion and we worship by throwing Marxists from helicopters as our holy sacrifice.
These people wish to live off the monies of Xians while destroying their culture. I'd make income tax (if any) only go to people of the same religion. That's be funny.

Blogger Unknown July 21, 2021 5:12 PM  

@54 DNA tests prove they're not Jews.

Blogger Unknown July 21, 2021 5:15 PM  

I find it interesting how the founder of Wicca (a MAN in the past century) was trying to make a dumbed-down form of Satanism intended to appeal to women, to use in their orgy rituals. He befriended Aleister Crowley (that one) for this purpose. It really triggers Wiccans that their religion isn't paganism, it's imbecile Satanism.

Blogger Unknown July 21, 2021 5:17 PM  

America in holier times (even 1950) wouldn't have allowed strip clubs and porn shops, let alone brothels. America hasn't been a Christian nation for generations, they're literally pimping out their seed crop (and degenerating thus) and by Biblical logic, deserve to perish. Even minor cults like the Amish abuse their kids, stories come out all the time and the incest is not best. The year of degeneracy is also pagan.

Blogger Beardy Bear July 21, 2021 5:19 PM  

"...Christianity is part of common law... To construe it [The Constitution] as breaking down the common law barriers against licentious, wanton, and impious attacks upon Christianity itself, would be an enormous perversion of its meaning."
-The People v. Ruggles, 1811
Supreme Court, State of New York

Blogger Jason the Gentleman July 21, 2021 5:33 PM  

@54 - I've never considered Christ's genetic makeup not involving Mary's egg, thus not technically being a Jew before. Are there any scriptural references that support or serve to push back on such a viewpoint? A cursory glance at 'Apelleanism' didn't have any focus on this matter in the page I ended up on.

Blogger 5stonegames July 21, 2021 5:34 PM  

I'm not sure organized religion is a good idea at all. Its a useful tool for keeping disparate groups of people together but doing that is a inherently a bad idea.

Even when well implemented it attracts the sort of men who want to rule over servile foreigners and attract the benefits rather than dealing with the needs of their own people.

Blogger Unknown July 21, 2021 5:59 PM  

@4 technically satanism doesn't exist, it's just a branch of Christianity, which worships anti-God. It uses all the same books and events, it is not separate enough to count as its own thing.
@14 a lot of Satanic orgy practice is borrowed from Hindu tantra. Animal idolatry includes cows/gold calves. It's so obvious. There's the concept of Ashlesha, the tantric sexual snake related to NAGA, a race of serpent DEMONS. They ADMIT this. God punishes India with poverty and disease and they still don't get it.
@15 Protestant reform allowed all people to access God's word. That wasn't bad. Catholics meanwhile keep the Vatican library away from God's children. Who has something to hide? If the West especially NW hadn't hanged so many violent genes, multiculturalism would have never happened. No other race has done this. We needed the killer genes to protect us.
@20 a huge reason Americans have low sperm count is HPV. Does MSM tell you this? No. Like anal cancer and gays. Wages of sin is death. Men are deceived in pride.
@21 Satanism isn't even pagan, it has one 'god'. Nobody questions this.
@22 letting 'celibate' homo/pedos 'teach' the children, the priest celibacy has little grounds in the Bible.
@23 it all went downhill when we didn't murder the adulterous couples anymore. It's a crime. Defending marriage is vital.
@23 humanism has always been Christian, placing humans as special due to the soul. Secular humanism is impossible, no soul. Atheists flinch when you call them soulless.
@25 Christian teetotalers couldn't do the same. Everything is Christophobic and once you get it, it becomes plain. Kingsman is praised by Catholics I know, it had an inciteful church murder scene. I said, when is the mosque version? They wouldn't dare.
@27 not shot? predators must be culled
@30 they expect to live off us and we bail them out like parents. They infantilise themselves to the Christian wallet.
@34 men have no honour, because Hollywood tells them to be binge drinking fat slobs, sleeping around like a greasy Austin Powers. Speaking of, great Boomer mockery. Vice is the new virtue.
@35 Pick-up artists openly tell WHITE men anti-natal propaganda and Youtube hasn't censored them. Hate white women, but only white women, and race mix, and if white women get attacked, do nothing. It's a psyop. They're blood traitors. We live in moral cowardice. Grown men 'scared' to get married claiming like an effete gay that 'men are the prize' despite biology and the BIBLE - worth more than rubies, a good wife. Multicultural Brotherhood like boomers before. Death cult hating most of the white population (women) and excusing rape gangs, of all betrayal.
@40 He is not white, irrelevant.
@44 banning false conversions from r-types would've prevented entryism. We still see love the sinner lies. Born again is BS. Catholics add to the Word via the Pope proxy. Others do not. Catholics also tried to blow up Parliament. We recall.
@46 the fibroblasts from circumcisions are injected into Jewish women as dermatology, look it up. MGM is also related to sexual crime and disease, in fact. FBI data on serial killers shows circumcision. Rape is lower in intact countries.
@:47 then America imported the Chinese and Chinatown established a colony of non-Chrisitans. The West has been overtaken long ago.

Blogger Ominous Cowherd July 21, 2021 6:33 PM  

Nobody of Consequence wrote:If one has actually read the First Amendment, freedom of religion, speech and the press ARE NOT referred to as Rights.
Correct. It says:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
There are two rights mentioned there. Religion and speech and press are not called rights; they are Congress shall pass no law respecting ...

The states reserved the right to legislate on those topics to themselves. Freedom of religion, speech and press were not seen as rights at all.

Blogger LoneWolf July 21, 2021 7:48 PM  

If the Creator of the Universe declares the specific way in which He should be worshipped, i.e. He founds a religion for the purpose of effecting an appropriate means of worshipping Him, then man does NOT have a right to worship in any other way. No, he merely has a free will with which to reject that which God has commanded.

Blogger Azure Amaranthine July 21, 2021 8:47 PM  

"I'm not sure organized religion is a good idea at all. Its a useful tool for keeping disparate groups of people together but doing that is a inherently a bad idea."

Depends. Bigger enemies require more cohesion if you don't want to lose and die. There is a time for uniting and there is a time for dividing. That we are on the high point of the pendulum's path of a certain group's malicious uniting does not mean that uniting is bad period.

If more were united against globohomo, that would be good. However, unlike the "killing them would make us just like them" humanist enormity of a lie, replacing globohomo in their effort of uniting the globe does indeed make you the new globohomo. So, once globohomo goes down, best leave it lie.

Blogger papabear July 21, 2021 8:49 PM  

@2 In Orthodoxy there is more accountability between the people and their leaders but even so, there is still a measure of clericalism, especially in the Russian and Greek jursidictions. "Congregationalism" is a bad word for those who uphold some version of institutional clericalism, but one can talk about accountability and the role of the laymen (not women) in the life of the local Church without embracing full "congregationalism."

Blogger Boo Boo the Fool, Esquire July 21, 2021 9:01 PM  

There is NO freedom of religion for Satan worshippers. The founders NEVER intended for it. Nearly all of the court rulings before the Federal Reserve Bank emphasize the Christianity of American law.

Jewish and Muslim testimony should not be admissible in court because their holy books permit them to lie.

Blogger george synol July 21, 2021 11:09 PM  

Jason the Gentleman wrote:@54 - I've never considered Christ's genetic makeup not involving Mary's egg, thus not technically being a Jew before. Are there any scriptural references that support or serve to push back on such a viewpoint? A cursory glance at 'Apelleanism' didn't have any focus on this matter in the page I ended up on.

"Of all those born of women none has arrisen greater than John the Baptist." (Matt 11:11, Luke 7:28) Is Jesus trying to say John the Baptist is greater than Himself? Or is he pre-coding a refutation of false chapters alleging he is born of a woman that he knows will be added later to try and tie him to a certain ethnicity so they can use him against his own followers and also so his mother can be elevated to a goddess and Christianity can be paganized? He pre-coded a refutation of the Talmudists and the Pagan Mother goddess worshippers at the same time. If God is born of a woman, that deifies his mother as a goddess and makes the race he is born in more important than others, not to mention many blasphemous problems such as having God be ignorant and poop his diaper. Jesus pre-coded the refutation of all of it.

Blogger Thomas James Foster July 22, 2021 12:12 AM  

Christ who is our Lord raised the very whip against priesthood. His ire before his ascension was vented against organised religion, slave of the state, which is the whore of Babylon upon the beast. There is no freedom apart from truth. The truth will set you free.

Blogger Thomas James Foster July 22, 2021 12:21 AM  

It's not like he delighted in it, or was not afraid or conflicted before he was as one with the father. But the Pharisees had to be taken to task. The creeping cruelty of scripture and ritual had to be exposed, not just for antiquity but forever. This was one of the great missions of the the Lord in the world.

Blogger Thomas James Foster July 22, 2021 12:28 AM  

People really need to read the New Testament and take it seriously. But the whole authentic Christian tradition is about conscience, not command. The kingdom of heaven is within.

Blogger Thomas James Foster July 22, 2021 12:39 AM  

The Lord teaches that liberty begins with self-sacrifice and discipline. This is because we are fallen beings who have forgotten him. Until we understand what God is and what it means there will be no ultimate mercy or deliverance for us. What does your ego mean to you?

Blogger SciVo July 22, 2021 3:43 AM  

There are exactly three faiths. One is that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, died for our sins, and is risen. Another is that he was just a man. And the third is that he was a god, as are we all. Every faith is one of those.

Blogger kerdasi amaq July 22, 2021 5:01 AM  

If Jesus was a Jew; I'd say that He was one of the dumbest Jews who ever lived.

What, not cut a deal with the Chief Priest and rake in the shekels?

Blogger CM July 22, 2021 9:48 AM  

The closest Orthodox Church near me is Coptic. I’m dying to go. One of son’s friends goes there and it caught me off guard. It’s an Arabic Orthodox Church.

Blogger Sal July 22, 2021 1:23 PM  

But without freedom of religion, the power will decide. Current power insists on cult of globo-homo,

Blogger JWB July 22, 2021 10:31 PM  

So did the men who wrote the constitution seek to destroy Christendom? or men who later used vagueness in the language to divorce Christianity from the founding?

Blogger RadixMalorum July 23, 2021 11:41 AM  

I don’t think any kind of civilization is compatible with freedom of religion.

Blogger kerdasi amaq July 23, 2021 12:18 PM  

Were the men who wrote the Constitution anti-Christians pretending to be Christians?

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